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Robert F. Kennedy's granddaughter found dead at family compound

Saoirse Kennedy Hill, 22, was found dead at the famous Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Mass., on Thursday, Aug. 1, 2019.


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  1. I just searched up Kennedy death to see what the high score was

  2. Stuff there bodys in there golf cart

  3. Just take off at tax time when everybody could be just as rich

  4. That's why that's bitch head of the dallas pd was sleeping with the soldiers mother

  5. Beth chapmans famous last words 350

  6. Drugs??? In such a fine neighborhood??? Curse of the Kennedy's vs curse of Onassis??? Those who live by the sword …. ???

  7. The U.S. goverment killed her and they claiming that she died bcus of drugs!
    Death to evil U.S leaders!

  8. It is so obvious that they killed JFK and RFK

  9. Irish eyes are crying….sorry for your loss

  10. She was sacrificed by her family

  11. David A. Kennedy (son of Robert Kennedy) died of a drug overdose. I swear the curse is real.

  12. so this lady has a drug overdose? heck….the ex-wife of of another Kennedy……Robert F Kennedy, Jr. – allegedly died of suicide just 7 or so years ago….according to the video on the right. She had filed for divorce and was estranged from Robert. Interesting she turns up dead….with a claim of suicide.

  13. Satan took her soul to HELL because of drugs. Rich people are empty and miserable.

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  15. The Kennedy Family continues to be plagued with more tragedy. It just goes to show that having money does not make your family exempt from drug overdoses.

  16. Drugs are destroying family's grandchildren too.and great. Sad pot causes brain paranoia and damage.

  17. Wow !!! So so very sad for the Young one!! 😥

  18. Hope promise love and drugs what a waste

  19. So sad drugs don't discriminate rich poor young old etc.she was just a baby
    Must pray for our children when they are young they wrap around our knees when they are older they wrap around our hearts praying for the family🙏

  20. I’m so glad I’m a addiction study major

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