Tuesday , August 11 2020
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Robert Ray reacts to the House Judiciary impeachment hearing

Former Whitewater independent counsel Robert Ray shares his insights on Wednesday’s impeachment hearing and says the Democrats’ academic witnesses were ‘biased.’

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  1. Gotta say, having listened to every bit of testimony from the last couple weeks it seems like he either tried to do it or appointed people so inept at their jobs that it seems like something fishy was going on. What a waste of an outsider shot at fixing some things. My only hope is that the next outsider is better.

  2. By attacking the POTUS's family that mental professor from Stanford shows how intellectually and morally bankrupt the democrats and the left are! Then they cry when the POTUS goes off on them in Twitter!

  3. Hey @Fox Business, it’s way past time to close these comment sections. Abusing your popularity and your audience, organized groups now command your vast viewing figures from the shadows by repurposing your structure to simulcast from.

    Web analytics data routinely brings to light the fact that news channel comments are overrun by botnets, viewbots, synthetic accounts, and other nefarious activity. The activity from red-flagged accounts routinely surpasses regular activity by at least a 2:1 ratio, for some videos climbing to 10:1 or higher.

    From an ethical standpoint, allowing this is clearly indefensible. Seizing on the reputation you’ve cultivated over the decades, organized propaganda operations have taken over your trusted platform as one from which to spread their sour nonsense, ranging from abuse and obscenity and other viewing disincentives, to non sequitur and targeted messaging and outright disinformation.

    Even from a financial standpoint, allowing this is not defensible. Activity from red-flagged accounts is not real engagement. Any big ticket advertiser will employ a web analytics team, analyze your data in-house, or use some combination of both methods to independently audit your channel traffic, and artificially inflated numbers in one medium invariably lead to steeply discounted ad rates across all platforms.

    As the fourth estate, you cannot allow propagandists to shout down free speech and jam up information networks with their well-orchestrated propaganda klaxons. This is chipping away at the foundation of society, which is transparent civil dialogue. Until some moderation system is in place to keep illicit activity from replacing this, and while comments remain hopelessly broken and overrun by red-flagged accounts, you owe it to your viewers and to democracy to stymie these propaganda efforts by keeping the comments closed!

  4. I see by some of the comments that the DEMs stacking the deck and only allowing 1 Republican witness, while they get 3, is working on some of their constituents. They think its a "9 out of 10 Dentists use Crest" kind of thing. Out of Respect I must remind that Turley, The one allowed GOP witness is actually a DEM.

  5. The "Threee Amigos" have inscribed themselves in a very bad book. "And we know…."

  6. The world is laughing at trump and fox. If that's the best defense you've got theyll be laughin at the usa next

  7. Wow. So this is the multi-verse of deniers

  8. How can anyone listen to the two idiots

  9. Just think, if the democRats can do this to the President with no physical evidence . What can the dumbocrats do to we the people?

  10. The 3 scholar clowns just destroyed their legacy and years of work. They made a fool of themselves by bowing to the evil schemes of the Democrats.

  11. I am left with one confounding thought … question … as I alternate between Schiff's caricature of  a hearing and the degeneracy,  the filthy intent, the seditious deliberacy and the treasonous malice of the Mueller-weapon wielded against President Trump: Is there ANY Democrat whose heart is not corrupted … filled … with the fetid stench of deceit and ill will?


  13. The hearing was a kangaroo court, totally biased against our President. The only way Nadler gets anywhere is by silencing the Republicans & changing the rules. The Dems hate our President bc he is uncovering THEIR corruption. And Trump is not worried about the possibility of running against "hairy legs" Biden!

  14. All this double speak. The Founding Fathers wrote about this , but I guess these guys don't care that their guy violated the law . Lou Dobbs is just another member of the fanatical faction, sad.

  15. lue looks like Emperor Palpatine Star Wars

  16. lue looks like Emperor Palpatine Star Wars

  17. This entire Schitt Show is exposing to the American people that the Demencrap socialist fascists are evil corrupt politicians of the DSDC swamp. They are lowlife disgusting hypocritical despicable scumbags!!!

  18. Lou guess the Durham report came up blank guess we all k ew it would 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. These people are unreal. The House does not try the president, they bring together the facts and if the facts are sufficient, then all of the material will be turned over to the Senate, who will have a trial, at which time the president will be found guilty or innocent.

  20. I tell you this if you remove this man out of office you all will be sorry. You all say to yourself nothing going to happen watch the hands of the Almighty. He sees all and he knows what’s in your hearts. Remember no one gets away with nothing.

  21. Traitor Trump giving America to Pootin.


  23. Remove the P.O.t.u.S. from the White House.

  24. How low does my i.q have to be to be a Republican sympathizer.

  25. Roger Stone, Wikileaks, Traitor Trump…. Conspiracy to Pervert Justice.

  26. Can Lou look any more ridiculous with his dyed hair AND his jello like jowls? MSM BS.

  27. Its so crazy how the news media and democrats use big words to make Trump look bad also they have been on Trump since the day he has been elected….its so sad how someone who has done so much for our country is brought down….donald Trump is a very educated man and instead of his American people supporting the things he does they try and find dirt on him to impeach him….just watch and see what I tell you as soon as this is done it will be something else…..Trump just cant catch a break😪

    Can someone plz tweet this
    Post it on snapchat instagram and everywhere else for the dumb Americans who don't appreciate our President.


  29. I love nothing more than to sit at the family dining table with a gaggle of limp wristed prissy liberals on my left and a gang of knuckle-dragging rock-biting conservatives on my right. By the end of the night, every single one of them will want to drag me outside and light me on fire! I love it!

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