Roe v. Wade: 50 years later

This Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade as people across the country continue to grapple with nationwide abortion care accessibility. NBC’s Joe Fryer is joined by a panel of activists to take a look back at the history of the landmark decision and what the future of abortion rights looks like in the U.S.

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  1. Roe v Wade is overturned so get over it and get used to it folks 😁🎊🎉🎉🎊😁

  2. Woe unto those who decree unrighteous decrees. Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil. Woe unto those who call bitter sweet and sweet bitter.

  3. 50 yrs and and we havent come any further, we're still killing babies because of irresponsible. Your discusting people!

  4. Why are the men who impregnated women who did not want a child not be charged? Why is it always on women. In the US there are so many miserable unwanted children, what are these pro life people doing for them? Easy to impose the birth of an embryo and then not take any responsibility for the life of that child.

  5. Thank god for the Supreme Court overturning this despicable decision!


  7. Today marking the 50th anniversary of LBJ's death

  8. Wow he sounds so similar to me

  9. Democrats leaked this just to get the crazies on the left all stirred up

  10. why republican hare alwayse doing things to hurt people they should go back to the ideology that the gop whase 10 years ago since trump this party is comletely distroying it self if they dont they will regret it in 2024 people are not stupid and they will remenber this is not all republican but the magoryte

  11. I like Republican women that don't want their bodies controlled by sanctimonious Republican Congressmen.

  12. The democrats thirst for blood knows no bounds 🙄

  13. Given that each of us was, at one time, an unborn child, why should those of us who have been born, pick on today's unborn child/children?

  14. That's not how you pass legislation.

  15. Over 80 million lives wiped out since then absolutely shameful! 🙁

  16. At Assumption uni, there are a lot of lgbt teachers and staff workers in hundred of them. How can they deal with education, they are not stable, this minute is male, next minute is female, up and down and up all the times. These lgbt are very tricky.

  17. Abortion is celebrated by many Americans.

  18. USA already working on womenless births. China broke ground to give birth with human DNA from a pig. Pretty soon with these equal rights women are fighting for, they'll be begging for non equal rights as they're forced to do more masculine jobs, feed themselves, clothe themselves, no depending on mom and dad. No depending on your husband to finance you as you sit at home and cheat. We should go back in time is what they're saying. And USA agrees! Kitchen or be sent to the factories

  19. CHUMP20TOLIFE 🇺🇲🇺🇲



    C H U M P