Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Roller-coaster Thursday: Dow closes with markets back to session highs

Portfolio manager of The Villere Balanced Fund George Young talks about markets, semiconductor chip stocks, the 5G network race and more.

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  1. Lowest unemployment numbers in fifty years. Wall Street flinched to soon and hurt themselves, again. Good thing they can all fail and the economy will just boom on in spite of their bad choices.


  3. As always, the media and anti-Trump "activist" investors tried to engineer a Stock Market crash and Recession by all pulling out at once, and, as always, they failed spectacularly because everyone else believes in Trump and America and we have no confidence in their lying narrative.

  4. Market manipulation at its best!! The FED's have control of the market. Bad news today and yet we rally!! OMG let the recession happen already!!

  5. Nobody want 5 g but u gov propaganda networks

  6. Semiconductor Chip's rolling into 5g through mother Jezebel Babylon world of Egyptian mummies living by feeding on telecom database recharges.

  7. Yeah, Only 1 man can do this 🤔 Trump 2020 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸👍

  8. You won’t fool the public into accepting the poison pill of 5G. The cancer-causing aspect of the ultra-speed internet is something that is not good, progress, or valuable.

  9. I converted to democrats by one thing, the sh*t Andrew yang, said, 100 Democracy dollars will wash away corruption. I dig, and I switched and vote for andrew yang. Please let US have a speak instead of $ and talking heads!

  10. Nokia is getting hot in 5G. Trump had talks yesterday to build out entire us network with nokia. Plus 3 billion in subsides for us companies to build.

  11. It's going to get worse if the Democrats get in it's going to get all screwed up Keep Trump in, you guys at Wall Street you've got a job.


  13. Just imagine if the Democrats would actually work with Pres. Trump on the economy, we could top 30,000 on the Dow, our 401Ks would could double in 3-4 years. But instead the Dems would rather play dirty politics and the American people get screwed.

  14. This is significant because, the Impeachment train has been derailed! Trump reelection train is on track full speed ahead!!

  15. Biden being blown apart leaving Warren scares them. Seeing Don Trump bust records in polls and donations must be giving them the confidence to realize NO Democrat is electable.

  16. 73 points is a “session high”? 🤣
    We lost 500 yesterday.

  17. Trump comes out speaking yesterday, shows confidence in his words that all the impeachment narrative is fake as has been the case with all the allegations driven by the DNC and the media since his inauguration. The next day, boom and the markets go trending up again. Strong country leaders mean credible markets, attract more investment and create more jobs. I'm not from the US but for me has been a pain to watch your Democrat politicians, who don't care about the people who voted for them and only to keep struggling for power. They haven't done anything other than trying to reverse the 2016 election since then.

  18. As usual wall street are gaming our economy.

    UP and DOWN

  20. 5g is bad, save your making $$$ for health.birds are good example.

  21. The stock market is for suckers. You can lose everything in a blink of an eye. #2008

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