Ron Johnson: Are the Democrats throwing Biden under the bus?

Ron Johnson, R-Wis., weighs in on classified documents being found at Mike Pence and Joe Biden’s homes on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FOXBusiness #TheEveningEdit

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  1. America Is Being Attacked From Within 💯 Anyone Affiliated With The WEF In Fed Gov Should Be Impeached☠️

  2. Nothing is hidden from GOD" absolutely nothing… what's done in the dark shall come to the light…. 🚨

  3. Covid Crime Climate Border Ukraine Supply Chain All Amplified By The WEF 💯 The Great Reset Is Here Folks☠️


  5. That would be funny if they literally did .and Harris too . Impeach both or prison Biden .Harris . Get them the hell out

  6. Johnson is a skid mark.

  7. Biden needs to RESIGN. Do the right thing for America and RESIGN!!!!

  8. What a freaking MESS! All makes sense now how they were using President Trump as the boogie man while all along Biden was doing ALL that they accused Trump of and FAR WORSE! Trump was a distraction. It appears that the snake is getting ready to eat it’s own tail – and will choke on it. This is DISGUSTING. Every single Biden (except for the daughter that Papa Joe was showering with) belong BEHIND BARS including his seeing eye dog Jillie.

  9. There’s going be such a break down of government martial law be enacted

  10. Fox News, FS1, and other media outlets have been wiretapping my phone and laptop for some months now and they have been using my private conversations as talking points without my knowledge or consent

  11. You can't have it both ways , if pence broke the law, he broke the law, if Biden broke the law he broke the law, if trump broke the law he broke the law, but here's the thing was any laws broke ? Take these cases 1by1 and judge them independently.

  12. The biden family did not have secret top secret security clearances. Arrest them it's a criminal act it's unlawful for them to possess this. Put them all in prison

  13. Pence is jumping under a Bus to become a martyr for distraction . FN evil clown Mike is.

  14. If we could only see the roaches hiding from the light

  15. To Ron Johnson: Why use the word sleazy, when we know its really corruption or fraud, but I am glad some are looking at the fraud & corruption.

  16. I think VP should take over until this is figured out.

  17. Not scanned for electronics?

  18. I don't think that the Democrats are throwing Joe Biden under the bus, they have enough influence over him to get him not to run again, that's one good thing about the Democrats they all put the party first and I don't think it would take much to get him to not run again, he knows it's over. But it would make a really great movie though. 👳‍♂️🤔

  19. d u m b o he altready destroyed the usa and economy. tuff guy joey will be x'd out by dem's like kennedy. just wait. vp kamel head too. too many dem's heads getting kick backs from joey criminal work will be exposed so before that dem's must x out tuff guy joey, then vp kamelhead and obama the joker.

  20. Americans and I am one, who have had enough of government corruption and nothing being done to stop it. ✋️

  21. CORRUPT Maine stream media? OR – FAKE NEWS as DJT would say. DJT the TRUE POTUS!!!!!!

  22. The time frame & events took place & HOW Biden could safeguard his own reputations and Hunter's shady deals is to place those documentations in two other locations than the Archive. SO Bidens again hid evidences from USA as an "good, senile guy". No, he's a cunning dishonest man, who runs USA!

  23. Ron , tell Put-ler , " vodka & lighters cause fire ."

  24. Why is Ron Johnson on TV so often?
    Last weekend on one of the Sunday morning political TV shows, Chuck Todd (the Political Hack) made Ron Johnson look and sound foolish.
    I guess some people will just jump at every chance to be on Television.

  25. Mike Pence is in bed with the Biden crime family and all the scumb bag globalist

  26. The Whole Democratt Party to be Honest

  27. So Obama Admins are throwing Pops under the bus? They need his social security check for someone else?

    How is this NOT acting as a "foreign agent" while President of USA?

  28. they need to go to all the members of the House, House's! to look for top secret doc's! In all 50 states, all at the same Time! Our GOV has many people who couldn't make in the privite sector, there bad at there Job's & Can get away with having these Classified Doc's? Hilary sent then on a home server & not even a hand slap? we Citizens would be in Prison!!


  30. So it's illegal to rob a bank but Biden stealing classified documents is okay 🤔

  31. Joe threw himself under the bus by his stupidity.

  32. The documents are the sauce of the Biden money laundering scheme from the Ukraine.

  33. 🚍💭 help! somebody threw me under Kamala's yellow school bus

  34. In the age of Trump, the extremely stable genius:

    "We agree these classified documents need to be returned."

    "We signed the attestation that we returned the classified documents."

    "These classified documents were declassified. They don't need to be returned."

    "We never had classified documents. They were news clippings."

    "We need a special master to review these documents that are not classified."

    "We have classified documents that we never returned."

    "We need a conspiracy theory or false equivalency to distract from violating the Espionage Act."

  35. I don't think it's so much as Democrats are throwing Biden under the bus as much as they are cutting the tether and moving away from him so they don't get pulled under the bus with him

  36. Treason is treason no double standard.
    This is treason.

  37. Pence was a traitor all olong.gitmo or tribunal court for deep state

  38. Any guesses as to where ole Joe will end up after he is kicked out of office?

  39. Biden family traitors impeach joe

  40. The question is if Hunter pleads guilty to a number of crimes. Does the President pardon his and then resigns. Therefore closing this issue before 2024 ?

  41. If they throw lying Biden out then we’re stuck with the cackle it’s a loss either way 😂

  42. Sleazy is a great word to use for the Biden family. Just like the Clinton's.