Ron Johnson: There's much more to Hunter Biden story than the Twitter Files

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-WI., reacts to how Twitter has handled the Hunter Biden laptop story since Elon Musk’s arrival on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FOXBusiness #TheEveningEdit

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  1. FJB….and get him and his thugs on the stand…then prison.

  2. President Trump said they want Our GOD , our FREEDOM , Our GUNS , our COUNTRY , and our KIDS .
    He was just the guy STANDING IN THEIR WAY .
    And they fixed that didn't they.

  3. Sorry, but Sen Johnson is only worried about his own backside. He is so butt-hurt that they went after him personally. These guys are asleep at the wheel while the deep state controlled the censorship across every platform and media outlet. It is such a coordinated effort. They were parroting the exact same lies.

  4. and guess who the president is, ain't chit gonna happen man

  5. When most bad guys get pretty close to getting caught or exposed that’s when they start the yelling in the bullying that’s the way human beings are it’s just proof when they get mad and bully they know they’ve gotten caught

  6. Fired!?! Where's the conspiracy, collusion and fraud. Can I commit felonies and just lose my job

  7. STOP …STOP…STOP .. you’ve got it wrong you’re getting close the early voting is to give them time to count what’s there so on the last day they have enough information to set the dominion machines to make sure they win by just enough use your brains look at this with an open mind

  8. Not bullying. Threatening.

  9. More blah blah blah, and absolutely zero actions !! So tired of it….

  10. How can this country absorb this? Corruption is eating us all and they laugh because everyone knows about it and can't seem to stop it.

  11. Clearly, the FBI was involved in serious crimes here.

  12. The Hunter Biden story is really about the Joe Biden story.

  13. RICH coming from a TRAITOR …. they should be INVESTIGATING Trump's loan with KOREA during his time in the WH …. funny how NONE of the will appear on any channel other then FOX ….. they know they won't be treated with kid gloves …. COWARDS !
    Zoe , Canada

  14. the corruption runs so damnb deep!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Memo to Johnson
    There is even more urgency for voter reform

  16. Yea Ron , Why can’t we do this in Government ? It’s your job to Clean House so Do It!

  17. Lingering stories also serve as long term abuse enablement.

  18. James Baker another scumbag liar from the FBI, TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE.

  19. Stop listening to liars.. things get much simpler that way.

  20. The Biden Crime Family have lined their pockets with corruption and deals with our enemies like CHINA and others.

  21. Pelosi was just in Taiwan with her son..
    These democrats are schooled on this.. it’s NOT THE AMERICAN WAY..!!
    They’re only out for THEMSELVES…
    Democrats lie ,Cheat,steal..

  22. Yeah, like the Federal Bureau of Incompetence!

  23. This is a beautiful day for real Americans. One NATION UNDER GOD…This is Gods nation and He finally had enough of the lies and cheating the people of America. Praise God!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  24. Why is Biden still in office?? Remove him *NOW*!!!!

  25. There is no guarantee for a democracy in the constitution it guarantees a republican form of government.

  26. Where is the warrant to look into Hunter Bidens Laptop, dumpster diving is illegal.
    Constitutional rights to privacy in our private effects and our homes and in our private data needs to be protected .