Wednesday , September 30 2020
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Ron Paul: Government spending will end in disaster

Former Rep. Ron Paul discusses the harmful bipartisan spending bill, the consistently high spending on the part of the government and the classification of health care as a ‘right.’ #FoxBusiness

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  1. Obama doubled the debt. Don't think this is not in the plan. They created all the drama and the spending for 2020 was brought at the deadline and they said if you don't give us what we want, we won't pass spending. So sad they can't ALL sit down and go over the spending. Dems have created exactly what they wanted to do. Vote dems out. Red all down ballot in 2020 so republicans are majority in both senate and house. Start thinking about what is happening. The more President Trump brings money to the USA, the more spending the dems will insist. Take ALL power away from them.

  2. Yes, it only ends in a disaster for the Federal Reserve. But it won't take a huge disaster, because everything is set up like a chain of dominoes. Marshall law? Have another world war?

  3. No one's actually trying to get Socialism!!
    A BS LIE!!!
    Americans will pay in taxes what they pay in premiums!
    It's very simple really and then costs can be regulated and there won't be an unnecessary business standing between you and your Healthcare that exists ONLY to make a profit!!!
    Time to speak frankly and for everyone to act like reasonable rational adults!!

  4. Politician get way to much in benefits when they retire also judges .

  5. Democrats not working with trump just against instead of running for office they want to take it because trump is so good sick Democrats

  6. they want it passed before the dollar crashes

  7. Huh Guess they Passed their Raise’s in again! Go Figure! Cut Government in half! Minimum WAY to Many suckubus agencies and Lawyers/ lawfirms Welfare!

  8. Response to title:

    Only if you haven't prepared for hyperinflation.

    If you HAVE, then it's an incredible boon.

  9. The problem with many countries is that they are ruled by gangsters – some pretend to be conservatives, others pretend to be liberals or socialists but all they can do is to steal taxpayers' money. This is their common feature.

  10. Wasn't it Trump that said he would stop it? Doh! Another lie.

  11. Trump steals other people's money.
    Especially from sick children the sick fk.

  12. Passed in the middle of might, or on a Friday, Americans are woke ,involved, outraged. Couldnt have president vetoed? Mo of course. He got one thing he wanted, military. I want to yrust him,but when, when will planned parenthood be defundef?????

  13. You wouldn't run your family house hold finances this way. Love me some Ron Paul.


  15. Finance was Epstein's industry. It wouldn't be illogical to assume Epstein wasn't the only Epstein. Should the US's creditors make a fuss, wouldn't it be unfortunate for them if more Epsteins among them were exposed? It might be in their best interests to forgive a lot of the national debt and thereby still be able to operate in the future than to throw a tantrum, incite chaos, and not get paid at all. Just a theory.

  16. I voted for Ron Paul. He was cheated

  17. Real debt of the USA is 220 TRILLION>. Prof.. Kotlikoff and me

  18. "QE" stands for "Quantitative easing".. Which really means printing fresh new money from nothing.. That's the real reason prices of everything is going up.. QE RUINS the value of the Dollar… So, We need more money to buy the same things..

  19. It could be worse. Pelosi could be in charge. No wait….. she is. OMG that explains it.

  20. Ron Paul should be listened to. We the people need to learn about the true role of government. Government does not exist to protect us from our own poor/foolish/bad choices. The only way changing the smoking age to 21 to make any difference in an average American household is to arrest and charge parents when their children get ahold of those products. Ultimately only parents can make the difference whether their children have a chance to develop the habit. We cannot stand up for ourselves or stand up to the kind of corruption we are experiencing now without a strong genuine grasp of the true role of government, otherwise we better be glad to kiss our rights good bye, what a waste of a great nation that would be.

  21. While Paul may be correct…You should NEVER listen to The Kochs Brothers Lap Dog….Hes the perfect size isnt he…goood boy ..fetch…

  22. Cut everything exactly by 50%…

  23. it seems like we spend needlessly because our government refuses to take a lesser pay. for example: california the leftist run state. Their pension debt alone puts the state 38 billion in the red…on the pension debt alone. So what do they do to cover the countless entitlements we think we have coming? tax!
    Way to go.

  24. “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”
    –H.L. Mencken, 20th century American journalist, essayist, satirist, cultural critic and English scholar.

  25. We need a "Balanced Budget Amendment"

  26. Sorry, Ron, but you haven't been right about anything for years. Change your Depends and get back into your wheelchair.

  27. he is 100% right ! we have become a charity for the South America and the rest of the world , jump the Border and get free-stuff for the rest of your life, off the American Taxpayer !

  28. DEMonRATORS' occupied Ca State ravishingly started the medicinal Marijuana, NOW California State is IN a DRUGGED stupor AND the DEMONRATORS HAD nicely FORGOTTEN to OWN their BEST Gift to Californians..
    The DRUGGED state of Californians and their Lovely CALIFORNIA GONE & DESTROYED Forever.

  29. Where do these maggots keep their brains?? I know where

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