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Ronan Farrow describes how his Harvey Weinstein reporting unfolded | Nightline

Farrow talks about obtaining a recording from alleged Weinstein victim Ambra Gutierrez. His NBC producer Rich McHugh predicted the tape would be “the beginning of the end” for Weinstein.



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  1. Courtney Love yelled out to stay out of Weinstein's office/bedroom, in an award show line, a long time ago.

  2. ronan also took his position as a hollywood brat and monetized it, no one is completely clean in the big city

  3. With rethugliKKKons, they elevate their assaulters to the positions of SC justice and president. RethugliKKKons are anti women through and through.

  4. Ahhh!. They were happy to get their Gear off..
    Gweneth and Brad should have went to the Police!! Instead of "A quiet word" to Weinstein. Then she went back for a Second time.
    Shut- up Gweneth.
    You Hollywood woman all look pretty damn HAPPY to me , wouldn't know what Rape or a True Assult is.
    Real victims don't volunterily hang out with Abusers but you actresses Do! Go back day after day.
    How's those Bank accounts working out for you Gweneth?. Full of shit Bitches. Sexual Assult my Arse!. Again you Hollywood woman get down and Dirty Infront of millions of people half dressed soft porn scenes on movie sets.
    As long as the pay roles in your all happy to stand around in underwear and do it on screen.
    I can introduce you to some real Rape victims.
    Shut Up Rose I've seen you looking very HAPPY in pictures with Weinstein.
    You ALL keep your mouths shut until you got rich.

  5. Former Mossad agents were so easy to spot? Maybe they intended to be, but it seems odd! For the record, I totally believe Ronan, and think his work is amazing…just trying to figure out the agents tactics!

  6. Being a social worker turned writer, I can appreciate Ronan going against the grain to get the story out.

  7. Yea and what happened to Weinstein?? Nothing

  8. Yea and what happened to Weinstein?? Nothing

  9. I like his pin. Times up. I hope other news organizations such as ABC will pressure NBC to conduct an outside audit of sexual misconduct within the company. It's obvious that NBC can not be trusted to police itself. I also hope the Democratic candidates band together and cancel debates on NBC until they clean up their act. Times up. Demand action at NBC immediately before the sun sets again on another news day.

  10. We are so grateful for Ronan!

  11. Because they are protecting NBC predator in residence Matt Lauer!!! Oppenheimer and Co need to be fired as well

  12. Thank God for Ronan. Muchos for Mia for raising him with morals. Lodie

  13. I love that Ronan dedicated the book to Jon Lovett 💛 Such an awesome couple—both brilliant and Lovett is hysterical. Love them together ✨

  14. A true U.S. hero. I wish he would run for president. Not only a hero, but incredibly smart.

  15. 8:038:22 Ronan risked not just his safety but also his life for these women to be heard. A truly compassionate man.

  16. That is not Woody Allan's son lol

  17. Thank you, Ronan Farrow. You have done a masterful job of exposing the rape culture in our country. Give the power to the women. Never again should a woman be raped because of the power placed in the hands of old white men.

  18. Never seen a broke dude have to sign a nondisclosure or have a 30yo groping allegation come forward. Like Kenye said "She's a gold digger and she ain't f….ng with no broke n…er."

  19. Oppenheim was covering for his rapist friend, shame on him.

  20. I think Ronan is a resentful and vindictive homosexual. Someone must've pissed on his (gay) parade.

  21. If Ronan Farrow isn't Frank Sinatra's Son? Then I'm no longer going to trust my senses….
    He's so alike to FS, and nothing like WA. His official Father on a piece of paper…
    Mia's way of keeping the peace and keeping a family together….. I fully understand why she'd do such an action?
    Bless her!

  22. How about NBC's payouts with Bill Cosby and his victims? It's not new for NBC to do cover ups.

  23. Wow a bigger faggot then Andersen cooper and don lemon

  24. This guy is a fucking pedophile

  25. I feel so bad for Anita Hill and Kesha. Both women went through hell and no one believed them😔😔😔😔

  26. The rich are in control get the real news search for Whitney Webb she is a real journalist that has not let the Epstien story go like the main stream media has because they are being controled.

  27. I believe him but why the hell did he look like the new Chucky

  28. No chance in hell that woody is his father…no chance…..

  29. woody allen? his dad is frank sinatra….and they call themselves NEWS?

  30. lol so the higher ups at NBC have obviously either done something similar, are in someone's pocket, or know other men who have done it and are no longer empathic but hardened. The bottom line is they are part of the fucking problem which will continue to persist.

  31. much respect to Ronan for reporting on this. keep at it!

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