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Ronan Farrow on Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer l ABC News

Farrow speaks out on “GMA” about new details in his book “Catch and Kill” that documents his investigative reporting on figures including Weinstein and Lauer.


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  1. How many fvcking times does Woody Allen, Jr. have to tell that dim bulb Stephanopoulos Matt Lauer is a serial rapist? He keeps repeating Lauer's name…widdle Georgie is a re-tard.

  2. are you kidding this network helped the

  3. that's the way in US people solve problems: they buy guns…..and then we are surprised about how many murders there are in that country

  4. Hear Ye'! Hear Ye'!
    PROTECT, PROTECT! the media institution that controls the opinions of the masses in favor elite agenda.

    Amazing and artful how the media uses commentators on its own platforms to make themselves the victims.

    The people are the victims. Not the media.

  5. No way that is woody Allen's son… woody had a fucking ugly jew nose face…this guy looks like a pretty boy faggot pussy cunt

  6. Hey Georgy boy….no questions re how Hillary tried to silence him?

    Oh yeah…..I forgot where your 15 min clock actually started.

  7. Too bad Hillary Clinton actually owns him.

  8. Why am I distracted by Ronan Farrow's face?

  9. As scummy as Weinstein & Lauer are… that’s how brilliant Ronan Farrow is!! Weinstein finally met his match!! Ronan has the mind of a genius and balls of steel!

  10. I am very interested to read this book. My one hesitation is that this is now into the realm of "sensationalism". If these allegations in this book have proven fact, then these people who perpetrated these crimes need to go to jail. If they don't, this is just more Hollywood glitz.

  11. Y is bill Cosby in jail and all these other perves r free his crimes r 30 years old he's 8o black and blind and they took all his money is it 1820 or 2020 no hugs after this kangaroo court all infractions occurred in the grotto at playboy mansion woman must be paid 30 or 40 year must b paid

  12. Harvey Weinstein needs to be in Jail. period.

  13. ABC how come you are not reporting on the violence at the Trump rally last night? That's because you hate Trump and you condone the violence. that's why me and my friends don't believe one word ABC news has to say. You're a biased news agency. George Stephanopoulos what a piece of shit. And Ronan Farrow part of the Hollywood satanic elite.

  14. Awesome, speaking the truth about this sort of thing, this is what the Nobel peace prize should look into,and award,…words spoken in this interview was truth, pure and right to the point…RONAN FARROW WAY TO GO, YOU ARE IN MY PRAYERS…GOD BLESS YOU AND THOSE WHO STAND UP FOR TRUTH WHEN ODDS ARE AGAINST …,

  15. No mention of Epstein? Look here at Wienstein, not over there at Epstein. Where is Ghislaine Maxwell?

  16. everyone is waking up to this way too late but atleast waking up

  17. You mean the woman saying she got "raped" by Matt Lauer but went back to have sex with him 3 more times? That credible rape story.

  18. George Stephanopoulos knows all about catch and kill stories because that's what he did for Bill Clinton. Bill was raping women and Georgieboy covered it for him. How in the hell does this guy even have a job?

  19. Click bait. No update on the 2 slime balls.

  20. Many womens' minds have become infected with a peculiar virus that injects hate, hysteria, resentment, joylessness, an inability to forgive, a proclivity to spit obscenities, envy and an ungrateful attitude. This virus was extremely rare, prior to circa 1990. Strong and independent? Hardly. Brave and courageous? Not at all. Powerful and empowered? In no way. They obsessively use these hip phrases as a defense mechanism, to deflect from their profound misery.

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