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Root proud of fight, but disappointed by Ashes defeat

England skipper Joe Root praises his side’s resilience with the bat on the final day at Old Trafford and looks ahead to the final Test at The Oval


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  1. Root is a great captain, it's the team around him that's not helping, he should retain his captaincy, and return in 18 months to Australia. And join the 5 nil club……

  2. Really good perform aus brillant.

  3. You don't appoint someone as Captain because they can bat or bowl well…… Whatever happened to a player's character and leadership skills on the field???? Can you compare Root to Kholi? No….. Al Hasan???? No….. Holder? No….. I can name many more captains that this guy doesn't come close to…. This job has really affected his batting but that's really not his fault though…. Watch, next they'll appoint Stokes as Captain based off his heroics in the 3rd test….. Boycott was right, the problem stems from the very top…. The board, the selectors, etc….

  4. Import 2 test batsmen,that may cover the batting lineup,Archer=torture

  5. Australia: retain the Ashes.
    England: reduced to ashes.

  6. I feel pity for him. He's really a good captain.

  7. Fight ? Are you serious dude ? Fight is what NZ did when they played the world cup final. English cricket has had a good run on the luck wagon! Unfortunately! it can only get you so far..

  8. I’m glad England can’t win the ashes now. I’m a South African living in England and people were laughing at me for SA’s poor WC performance. Now I’ve got payback.

    Also I despise Ben Stokes

  9. It should have been 3-0 if not for the umpiring error in the previous match

  10. Steve Smith, that’s gold👍

  11. Well played Australia. You deserved it more and if we had won the series it would've been a fluke.

  12. Steve Smith – 211
    England – 197/10

    There was no fight
    That's all I have to say

  13. Sad for root but happy for paine

  14. India ne chand per jane ka khawab dekha….dil ke arman anson mai beh gye…modi ki gand pakistan ke army chief mar gye😉😉😉😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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