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Roti vs Rice: Which is better for your health? | Guru Mann | Health And Fitness

Checkout what fitness expert Guru Mann has to say on this important topic.
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  1. Sir to khaye fir🤣😂 roti ni rice ni to khaye kya

  2. Kis kis ko rohit khatri ka ads aya

  3. Bhai .1 category mein Mai ata hoon 💪

  4. Watching your video from pakistan, while eating Rooti. 🇵🇰❤️

  5. pls tell me how much helpful is haldi dud for gymmer

  6. I played this video in screen mirroring while my father was consuming white rice… He is under depression now… 🤣itne din se keh rha ye chawal chor do aaj syd smjh aagya

  7. Portion control is the key, saalo se Indian's ye dono hi khare h

  8. I never liked roti but after I was caught having blood pressure of 152/95 my doc advised me to have roti . I left rice for a week and took only roti and have my pressure checked which reduced to 130. Till now I’ve no issues of blood pressure and taking medicine regularly( only eat when needed)

  9. Mujhe fatty liver hai,,, kya daliy khaa sakte hai????? Plz

  10. punjabi will say roti . pahadi kasmiri south indian will say rice

  11. Wish this video had english subtitles, like the title

  12. wow, what an explanation in a very simple way. hats off

  13. Sir plz thoda fast explain kiya kro .You are slow .

  14. Brother pl analysis how white and Brown rice processed . What you told in this not correct

  15. Your speech is very fantastic

  16. in a Bengali family like us Its difficult to cut rice
    But still i only consume 150 grm of rice/ day
    Nd 4 roti per day
    As I'm in PG away from home ☹️

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