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Royal Ballet Fit Episode 1 – Posture (Health and Fitness)

Join The Royal Ballet’s Tara-Brigitte Bhavnani for a new series of health and fitness tutorials for beginners inspired by classical dance. Let us know what you think by commenting!

Our first video of ballet basics explores ballet posture. If you can bring these exercises and tips into your daily life, you’ll feel better about yourself, you’ll stand taller and you’ll feel more confident.

We’ll be adding new videos each Thursday over the coming few weeks, so subscribe to receive notifications.

This episode sees Tara joined by Maria Castillo Yoshida.

This series is provided for general information only and should not be treated as a substitute for professional supervision or advice.

Before starting any exercise regime you should consider consulting a qualified fitness or sports adviser to ensure the regime is suitable for you and your own doctor if you have a medical condition or are taking medication or have related concerns.

If you have or have asthma, a heart condition, a growth condition or have experienced chest pains or dizziness in the last month we strongly advise you not to try any of our workouts. If you experience any pain or discomfort whilst using this resource, stop immediately.

If you engage in these exercises, you agree to do so at your own risk voluntarily and The Royal Opera House are not responsible for any injuries which may be sustained from participating in these exercises.


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  1. Hey I want to join opera house please give me details

  2. Thanks A LOT for this series.

  3. This is a great video! Ive been trying to improve my posture for ages. Even got a posture corrector from https://posture.tech. Been trying to do some stretches aswell to help and this is one of the best videos I've found 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for these instructive videos. Love it!

  5. As a physiotherapist, I find these videos really useful, engaging,  with some great tips as well. Thank you

  6. Thank you so much ROH…….really need this…..love you♥️

  7. more of these tutorial type instructional Videos please.

  8. Thank you for a REAL Ballet Exercise video. Good start for the New Year

  9. Tara makes a wonderful teacher! Love it, ROH. Thanks a lot.

  10. Love this!! Looking forward to more!!!

  11. These are all the same stability exercises my physical therapist gave me to help recover from a spinal injury that left me virtually bedridden for 4 months! They're going very well for me & my sad wobbly spine

  12. Thank you so much for making a beginner's video that is doable, short, not  intimidating but strongly focused & clear on the all-important basics.  I wish we were taught this way when I took ballet classes as a teenager.  That was ages ago — I'm 50+ now, but it's a joy to do these workouts.  They make me feel ageless!! <3

  13. Love it but rotating an internal imaginary sphere towards your spine needs to unpacked: how does one rotate and internal imaginary sphere?

  14. Fabulous video! So appreciate it. Love the rotation in the air to help students connect with turning out at the hip / top of leg. Definitely using this 😀

  15. Excellent start to the series ROH. Only recently have I discovered how very important engaging those lower abs are. Very little lower back pain now- even with taking 3 classes a week. Got great instruction on some of the same posture work at Sung King Dance ballet camp this summer.

  16. looking forward to the next ones 😉

  17. Notification bell 'on' 😁😁

  18. Great video with easy to follow instructions. Always good to learn more lower body techniques for posture

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