Saturday , May 15 2021
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Rubio: US companies hypocrites for working with China

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., on corporate America’s relationship with China. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Idiot and conflicting self interests… USA is called capitalist country made up by $$$ controlled by rich people who always hunger for $$$ unless America turn self to a communist country let power drive the country which is ironic otherwise why would rich people give up easier ways to make money?

  2. China this china that….
    organ harvesting, freedom of speech oppression…

    Give me a break.

    China is not perfect, we got that, but lies created by epoch time new China and fox, CNN are just appalling.

    While US has so so so many problems, why can’t these two countries work together and make the world a better place. Why must the US have to be the rule writers and the global tyrant ?

    F***ck all politicians

  3. As fox threw President Trump under the Bus cavuto and walace played bidon's piccolo like master flutists.


  5. I really wish the every citizen in America could just take a field trip to China and get a good walk around to see for themselves rather than listen to all this US narrative that China is some evil communistic country where people have no rights or freedoms and such, because nothing I have heard in western media over the past few weeks about China is even close to being realistic or true. Quality of life, equality and freedoms are way higher than in US. And here is a tip that may be helpful. When it comes to global competition US puts a huge chunk of resources into military spending but I feel the reason China is going to blow US out of the water has nothing to do with military at all. It is education. China has a huge population and they educate them very well. Every citizen gets education, right up to advanced University for free because it is in the best interest of the country to citizens reach their full potential. It is good for the economy and national security to have as many smart and skilled people as they can. I just saw a stat saying China now has more advanced learners than US has for learners overall.. That is just staggering and if US doesn't find a way to compete with that the future belongs to China. It can be done but to neglect or forget that reality wouldn't be so good.. anyways just a thought my America friends. lol peace

  6. 583,330 deaths 32,602,051 covid cases, 2000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after his WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown.

  7. Let me tell this to your face Mr. Marco," The fact is there is no force labour in the cotton industry in Xinjiang. People like you spreading lies for your selfish political capital. You know nothing about China yet talk as if you know everything. How manu time have you visited China? People like you are scumbags and there are too many of you in US political system right now. That is why America is what it is today."

  8. Same goes with companies hiring illegal immigrants with government support hypocrisy for sure.🤫

  9. American people have the freedom for speaking only those things which are approved by the big men. Don't lie, I have lived in US for 20 years… know your history and propaganda very well.

  10. Because US is very weak now

  11. I don’t buy made in China!!! I’ve boycotted all of the companies that are supporting the woke crap.

  12. They are also hypocrites for working with GOP.

  13. At least someone is attempting to get along with the world, even if political parisites or government can't.

  14. All product importers from China 🇨🇳 must prove that
    – their products are NOT tainted with Uyghurs forced labor.

  15. At the end of the day, democratic world can't coexist with China🇨🇳 anyway.
    – one must be removed.

  16. Any company working with China is unAmerican.

  17. You know I had a lot of respect for Marco…until he introduced the Lacey Act. Is that why his family brought them to the US, so he could take away American rights?!?

  18. The companies that make money from China should be required to wear mask as long as they continue

  19. Reading the comments i understand why people outside America call us stupid. This is the only place in the world who has the freedom to make dumb choices and not be held responsible in anyway then when it turns out bad point the blame to those trying to do the ight thing. Weak and spinless

  20. Has Rubio voted against the "anti-China hate crime bill" ?

  21. the ccp has its grubby hands all over the place!

  22. Marco Rubio literally took thousands of dollars from corporations just this year. He seems very hypocritical


    TRUMP SR's





  24. We should not be doing business with any communist or socialist countries.

  25. You have to understand I'm not from Gheorghe I'm from Romania in Europe You have to understand that I'm from Romania or how to say Romania is so obvious when I went to school

  26. US Companies work in China because they wanna make profits. If you idiots stop giving them hard time with Regulations and high Taxing then they will comeback.

  27. Clear the key disinformation(Scams) created by the CCP(Chinese Communist Party) tyrants about the Real China🇹🇼(Chinese Culture☯️🇹🇼)-Taiwan Model and the Fake China🇨🇳(Real Marxism/Stalin-Communism Culture)/Maoism Mindset🇨🇳-Beijing Model.
    The Facts are follows:
    1. China☯️🇹🇼=A Great Glory Nation Name that must worship Chinese🇹🇼Culture/the God Faith☯️ (LOVE+WISDOM)☯️🇹🇼=Defend Chinese Key Values of Benevolence/
    仁+Integrity/义+Rule of Law/God's Rules/礼+Erudite/智+Faithful/信.
    2. The Marxism🇨🇳=Anti-Intellectualism+Anti-Chinese Racism Philosophy!
    3. The CCP🇨🇳=China Destroyer+Genocide Chinese Culture+Anti-Chinese Racists=Stalinism/Maoism worshiper who are Chinese Traitors+Scammers+Murders+ Kidnappers+Hostages+Slaves!=The most powerful Totalitarianism Force in China 5000 years history!
    4. The PRC🇨🇳=The most Deceived+Devil Communism country in today world that was founded and created by Stalin+his puppet/Mao Zedong+the Maoism CCP!
    5. The CCP Tyrants/Leaders=The most successive Chinese Traitors+the Richest Anti-Chinese Scammers=The most idiot Chinese dictators who worship the anti-Chinese Racists' mindset-the Marxism/Stalinism/Maoism!
    6. Marx/Stalin/Mao/Xi=Anti-Chinese Racists.
    7. Ignorance=Call the China Destroyer-the CCP/PRC🇨🇳 as China🇹🇼☯️!

  28. Tell pelosi and Schumer DC cannot be a state it is unconstitutional

  29. Trump, Ivanka, Kushner all have business in China. LOL

  30. Rubio the RINO speaking, every one knows that he is on the Chinese government payroll too…

  31. what is rubio going to do lower their taxes

  32. You lie you cheat ya the xingjiang cotton case

  33. democrasts STAND for DISTRUCTION 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. All these top democrats are nothing but greedy hypocrites crooked to the core they are bankrupting the country and destroying the morals if America ! When is something going to be done about it ??????????

  35. His version of free is free for his ancestors so he can stay in power….nothing more

  36. Jao Bai Dun is killing America while China is getting richer

  37. Please stop talking about this you might upset Hunter Biden

  38. Why don't you talk to the president?

  39. Greed has overruled. This Republic is dying before our very eyes.

  40. So Rubio is against capitalism?
    He certainly gave these companies huge tax breaks. 😂.
    Poor Little Marco Rubio still stuck in the Cold War

  41. I completely avoid hypocrites. So… good job Corporate America. You just committed financial suicide.

  42. Well that's biden helping that along. Remember, 25 percent to the big guy

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