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Rudy Giuliani officially refuses congressional subpoena

Giuliani, who called the impeachment inquiry proceeding “illicit” and “rogue,” is accused of pushing Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.



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  1. Inherent contempt of Congress Arrest Giuliani

  2. -There's no requirement we hold a vote on impeachment if we intend to impeach the President

    The all talk, no action Democratic Party.

  3. Does the clown car really exist or is this some swamp thing having a wet dream.

  4. This smells like a smear. I don't believe it.

  5. ABC sounds exactly the as fake as CNN and MSNBC…

  6. So… now regular citizens can also ignore Congress?

  7. Democrats don't give a crap about getting subpoenas answered. They just want to ask for crap they know they are not going to get, so they can say Trump and others are trying to hide information. How about we subpoena Schiff and Pelosi…Oh wait, the Barr report will be out soon, watch the roaches scatter when this light is turned on…that's what this is all about.

  8. President Trump needs to tell democrats to get fucked! This isnt an impeachment if it was they would vote, the reason why they wont vote is because their dirty as shit.

  9. As The Don The Conman tRump says: “Only the best”

  10. I say that all who are subpoenaed through Congressional Over Site
    Committee and DEFY appearing or outright refusal to appear, is in
    DIRECT CONTEMPT OF HEARING and should be advised that they


  11. Wow, so much of this "story" is just complete propaganda. ABC should be ashamed … this is worse than state run media in North Korea.

  12. I thought republicans were pretty clear when they said make it a real impeachment inquiry or eat a bag of 🍆’s

  13. Make it a real impeachment inquiry not a partisan theater and he will have no choice but to show up

  14. This is the point when children 20 years later will ask "where were you when the country was torn apart" for a book assignment


  16. Those idiots, including Juliani are banking on a pardon from the Clementine Clown or perhaps Pence!!

  17. Liberals should be jailed.

  18. All men are innocent until proven guilty in a court of Law

  19. Half a million for Rudy's expertise!! Hmmmm.

  20. Oh no, soon the rudy will also refuse to go to prison!

  21. Holy MOLY! Ghouliani appears to be a gangster now;a shitty one, but still a gangster. "might be willing to play along.." is a tool right out of a manipulator's box. This shitty reality show needs to be cancelled ASAP!

  22. The bullshit impeachment with zero transparency. Too funny.

  23. There are a few things flunking in this performance First the “ men from a former Soviet Union “ country seems to be missing and have not received the basic rights any resident or US citizen are entitled too There was one flimsy paper sketch of something but the arrests can’t be confirmed The country mentioned DOES NOT exist and both are US citizens FREDO is so crazy nobody cares what he does but he is obviously doing what any person would do and that is filing A REAL motion in criminal court There are no charges filed against him but he himself can file THOUSANDS of motions all criminal if he intends to waste the next 20 years and an incompressible amount on money on cases that won’t result in anything That’s how things are done in the US so it simply the accepted standard Overall it has no relevance and absolutely no importance to ANYBODY what happens in this absurd clown show as long as it is contained to the US only

  24. A lawyer defying the Law! I guess Guiliani thinks he's above the law like Trump.

  25. These reporters and networks have been named in the WikiLeaks to have colluded with the DNC or Hillary campaign during the 2016 election cycle:
    ABC – Cecilia Vega
    ABC – David Muir
    ABC – Diane Sawyer
    ABC – George Stephanoplous
    ABC – Jon Karl
    ABC – Liz Kreutz
    AP – Julie Pace
    AP – Ken Thomas
    AP – Lisa Lerer
    AURN – April Ryan
    Bloomberg – Jennifer Epstein
    Bloomberg – John Heillman
    Bloomberg/MSNBC – Jonathan Alter
    Bloomberg – Mark Halperin
    Buzzfeed – Ben Smith
    Buzzfeed – Ruby Cramer
    CBS – Gayle King
    CBS – John Dickerson
    CBS – Norah O'Donnell
    CBS – Steve Chagaris
    CBS – Vicki Gordon
    CNBC – John Harwood
    CNN – Brianna Keilar
    CNN – Dan Merica
    CNN – David Chailan
    CNN – Erin Burnett
    CNN – Gloria Borger
    CNN – Jake Tapper
    CNN – Jeff Zeleny
    CNN – Jeff Zucker
    CNN – John Berman
    CNN – Kate Bouldan
    CNN – Maria Cardona
    CNN – Mark Preston
    CNN – Sam Feist
    Daily Beast – Jackie Kucinich
    GPG – Mike Feldman
    HuffPo – Amanda Terkel
    HuffPo – Arianna Huffington
    HuffPo – Sam Stein
    HuffPo – Whitney Snyder
    LAT – Evan Handler
    LAT – Mike Memoli
    McClatchy – Anita Kumar
    MORE – Betsy Fisher Martin
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    MSNBC – Alex Wagner
    MSNBC – Andrea Mitchell
    MSNBC – Beth Fouhy
    MSNBC – Ed Schultz
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    MSNBC – Rachel Racusen
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    WSJ – Colleen McCain Nelson
    Yahoo – Matt Bai

  26. I STILL can't believe bill Clinton got a bj and was instantly impeached….but this guy breaks every law known to man, surrounded by corrupt lawyers and politicians and it's just business as usual….its literally INSANE. They just keep letting him do whatever he wants…this is SUCH a bad look for the U.S

  27. We all know how the Trump administration works, they are all pathological liars. We all know damn well Giuliani got way more then $500,000 for the shit he been doing!

  28. Rudy said he’ll be the hero.

    Can one throw oneself on a grenade if said grenade is in fact oneself?

  29. Wake up USA…. Your leader is dishonest and a liar. No smoke without fire.

  30. The democrat are not playing nice anymore. No 2nd chances . Refuse to cooperate one time, go STRAIGHT to jail.

  31. Why dont they just vote on a impeachment ??? even dump trump is telling them to do it

  32. Rudy… the ghost of Xmas past is coming for you 👹

  33. There is no Constitutional law that there be a vote on an impeachment inquiry. Trumpists are lying again.

  34. Wow, Is this even legal? Can Giuliani just refuse a congressional Subpoena like that? Next time I get a speeding ticket I will just refuse to pay the fine or show up to court. My argument will be the RepubliPukes taught me to be irresponsible 😎

  35. I thought in his great wisdom he got rid of a Bolton

  36. Lock him up too already!!!!!!!

  37. Rudy is a joke he should lose his law license and put in jail

  38. Italian dumb ass got bought by TWO Ukrainians jews

  39. Hilary and Barack are kicking back eating some jiffy pop! 🤣

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