Thursday , November 26 2020
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Runorder: Do mid-season transfers make sense in the IPL?

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Deep Dasgupta, Aakash Chopra, Cyrus Broacha and the Runorder crew discuss

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  1. Excellent point by Akash. You are penalizing a team for having a great auction strategy. If he had put that comment at the start, they all would have saved 8 mins of their own time 😀

  2. Please have this topic: do analysts and commentators try to find a way,a logic to some bad performances and decisions by legends like dhoni,kohli instead of critizing them???

  3. Just make more of this, forget everything else if needed,not just because of humor in it….

  4. Don't look at the EPL for an example. Look at trading in the NBA for an example

  5. For example- Delhi might need a replacement for Ishant headed into the playoffs. If KXIP feels its season is over and they might need Ishant next season and a player they currently have like Arshdeep for example they feel they won't need next season. They cpuld just trade him

  6. They should allow mid season trades

  7. What Aakash said is right to be honest it is sad but the bitter truth

  8. Give and take policy will work well .. for eg mi doesn't need mcclenaghan but need a spinner so transfer to csk for imran tahir so that tahir plays all the matches for mi and mcclenaghan plays all the matches for csk

  9. The trading window before the auction is the future of reshuffling of teams. I dont see any new players coming into 2021 action.
    There is starc, root, billings,…

    Mi and dc have got stronger through trading window. I feel csk will need to trade for Indian players like Nair, Sarfraz or mandeep from kxip.
    Kkr might need a leg spinner from csk who have tahir, karn and chawla.
    Kxip might need a pacer from srh who have kaul, thamp,. . .

    All these players are valued at less than 3 crores and so their franchises might not send them back into the auction to gather funds.

  10. This is such a short tournament compared to other leagues which have mid season transfer system. I don't see the point in transferring players to a new setup in the middle of the tournament, I'm pretty sure it is not gonna benefit anyone at all. Just think about it from a players perspective, you are here to play a two month tournament and on top of that you have to get acclimatised to the franchises, management, coaches, players and pitches, conditions and if they get transferred to a new team in the middle of the season they have to go through all those things again. I don't see the benefit here. It is too much pressure, I guess.

  11. Kxip Should trade Mohammed Nabi 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 he is great All rounder

  12. Make it like the nfl trade deadline

  13. Raunak Thought was very impressive 😂😂


    Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab dream 11 team & prediction!

  15. Please Kolkata, buy Moeen Ali from RCB.

  16. Good topic actually!!👌

  17. I expected this experiment to be a failure. I knew no team would be interested. You never know when you need a particular player. CSK ceo said you buy players in the auction with certain plans. You can't just have plan A. You need to have plan B, C, D as well.

  18. Csk should bring players in transfter
    1. CHRIS LIN
    3. ANDRE TYE

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