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Rural digital divide stresses low-income communities amid pandemic

ABC News’ Zachary Kiesch heads to rural Texas, where a school district is making an unprecedented move to bring broadband internet to student homes.

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  1. For real It is very important to have different streams of income and a diversified portfolio as for me I have already invested in crypto which is very profitable and easy to gain

  2. Dekalb Illinois Mayor pays for no news coverage. Facebook paid him millions to keep news out

  3. I ask what to do if my phone bill not paid how do I get news. My Obama digital antenna he gave me $20 coupon for doesn't show news. Only shows Taylor Swift stuff.

  4. Defund Disneyland. My Chicago news channels owned by Disney show general hospital instead of my government speaking

  5. Our Ky state and local government has plenty of money to blow on themselves or their buddies in big business.

  6. One of the biggest failures of the US government over the last 30 years was not being out front on the digital future for the betterment of all Americans. Instead we are ruled by sadistic luddites

  7. More and more facilities and helping tools should be made to help marginalized children to pursue their academic dreams.. Love and support from Korea 🙏

  8. We need 2000 until this pandemic is over!!!

  9. Rich get richer and thepoor get shafted!!!!!

  10. Why do they have to give them free internet after Obama gave Cuba a whole country free computers and free internet access! but he couldn't give his own Americans free internet?

  11. Another stimulus check sure would help everyone

  12. Mommy are there other people no they don't exist.

  13. We bought a neighbor kid a printer so he could do his homework easier. WE can all help each other if we want to.

  14. Breaking news: having money is better than not having money. Thanks for the keen insight Captain Obvious

  15. Time to go back to Correspondence Course style learning.

  16. Electromagnetic bombardment? Don't get that out in these hills. Don't want it here either. 4g and DSL is good enough. No thanks.

  17. /// the devoted citizens in freedom and democracy country to save the children or human!!!
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  18. 4:47 is he related to Aloysius Snuffleupagus?

  19. I know family who's parents lost jobs,have 16 old daughter! School give hundreds children free laptops ( that's good) but internet connection and online school is bad..teacher and social workers do not help or school guidance! Also,their daughter work her first job few weeks,make few $$ hundreds for her need ! She cashed in the American bank,week later from their welfer program they get letter ' welfare take out about $ 80 their food stamps because she make a little bit money! And now they waiting how much will take cash ( that's it s really symbolic money for three people monthly,few hundreds cash and few hundreds food stamps) this is only their income untill their daughter work temporary two weeks ( she do not work anymore) state do not encourage people for work! You will not care for walfare benefits if you get real jobs…now they do not want look for job,scared to do not lost this miserable amount of money monthly

  20. If you are an American and you are not ashamed of how we treat the most vulnerable among us you are not patriotic nor godly.

  21. Nobody cares about fly over country where your closest neighbor is 10 miles away.
    I wouldn't want to waste my time setting up high speed internet there

  22. why arent they speaking english?

  23. A game of divide and conquer, Americans stand against the election fraud cover up, because it's not going to go away until everyone knows the truth.

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