Russell Brand postpones tour, denies accusations of sexual assault

British comedian and actor Russell Brand has denied accusations reported by British media that he sexually assaulted several women. NBC News’ Liz Kreutz reports on one woman’s account and the actions Brand’s talent agency and partnering production company has taken amid the fallout.

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  1. The women need to go jail for lying

  2. His talent agent dropped him. He hasn’t done a movie in over 12 years! I only know him from Forgetting Sarah Marshal

  3. So, a teenager who was of the age of consent slept with a man on her own volition? Tough. Your fault. NEXT…

  4. Well a woman said so, so…

  5. NBC being investigated by independent joint internet slueths. Seriously though NBC may get sued for this whole ordeal if no concrete evidence turns up.

  6. The programs used carefully curated info, used ACTORS posing as anonymous women, and MUSIC to set the mood! Apparently, anyone showing a shred of doubt to what they are told is a conspiracy theorist. And anyone currently siding with Brand ( who is virtually a communist), is labelled a right winger.

  7. Desde cuando un aforado en españa es un democrata ?

  8. You mean Amber Heard was telling the truth. Oops wrong person.


  10. MSNBC will do their best to hang him since he just had an interview with Tucker….Evil media

  11. So, not only is this not a police investigation but this is all an "investigation" by those Brand makes fun of and none of it has been even checked on for facts? Why would the media "investigate" anyone and why would they report it without doing any actual investigation? Only one reason……commie corruption.

  12. then again this is NBC "News" 😭

  13. The bible says one person's word against another amounts to nothing. This thing is a character assassination job.

  14. BS hit job
    Stay strong Russell

  15. Stay strong Russell! The silent majority knows what is going on and is on your side.
    MSNBC quit pushing your BS propaganda, we’ve had enough 😂😂😂

  16. Remember when Brand humiliated Morning Joe 😂

  17. MESSNBC really is the STUPID of media…every one they hire is an absolute simpleton..every single one

  18. This is a total smear job. I stand with Brand.

  19. Why wasn't this much attention paid too about that sleezebag hunter biden. ????

  20. MSNBC is bogus news . I agree with Russell its to silencing him is all

  21. I don’t believe any of these “women”

  22. Wow what a coincidence. Nearly every single person who starts exposing the government has had accusations like this brought against them. Crazy how that works huh

  23. Some people you just believe sexually assaulted someone based on how they act. I never liked this guy.

  24. BS! This would have come out during the me too movement. Deep state propaganda.

  25. Let it all play out as opinions are like arseholes everyone has one. 😂

  26. Brand is anti war, corporate power, big pharma, censorship and pro individual liberty. Apparently, those beliefs now make you a right winger!

  27. There are 2 types of people: those who still instinctively believe whatever the media tell them, and those who don't.

  28. How do multiple women come out to the news simultaneously? Did they all run into each other at the store and happen to share stories about Russ and decide they should all do this together?

  29. Stay awake my friemd you knew going against the narrative would bring you peoblems

  30. Why did he postpone if he's innocent?

  31. Lock him after he is found guilty so the convicts can make him their Booth

  32. Somehow I always dislike this guy's demeanor, his sense of righteousness and vociferous presence

  33. I just heard uncontrollable laughter coming from Andrew Sachs house

  34. Russel I am not a fan. But I believe you. This is all about money. They should get a job.

  35. Yeah some big people out to ruin this man. Hopefully it’s not true but if the legal age is 16 in the UK and you didn’t want the man and he tried to touch you why not call the police first year’s ago before you went to social media

  36. rejected lovers bitter and twisted. 16 was legal the women did not come forward they were approached by CH 4 Remember the
    many liars in the bbc
    attack on Cliff Richard
    among many others
    all proved wrong.
    rhe staunch feminists who run many media
    mainstream outlets
    in the uk abuse their
    emplyement for their own warpedviews.

  37. Everyone knows this is a smear job of a famous celebrity because of his clash with the establishment media and security state. All you have done is make a popular podcaster even more popular because nobody believes your lies.

  38. There needs to be evidence to convict him, like a police report that come out with one of his accuser. That way there can be an open and shut case. But if there is no evidence he did anything, then he should be free because any individual or group of people can tell lies on a person.

  39. La la lame stream media la la lame stream media
    MsM is MK Ultra…where else do you turn to seethe and be brainwashed into hating anither human? Church maybe, but also here😂😅😂