Tuesday , January 19 2021
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Russia, China, And Iran Launched Cyberattacks On Presidential Campaigns, Microsoft Says | NBC News

The company says Russia, China and Iran have recently targeted both parties, political consultants and people linked to both the Biden and Trump campaigns. Spokespeople for both campaigns tell NBC News they are working against these threats.
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Russia, China, And Iran Launched Cyberattacks On Presidential Campaigns, Microsoft Says | NBC News


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  1. Lots of communists terrorists in China Russia and Iran.


  3. ‘Bully’ United States will be met with ‘decisive response’ over unilateral UN sanctions moves, Iran’s president warns.
    will it ever be decisive enough to compensate the many who have BEEN past tense been sanctioned already?
    i dont understand. last time iran got up they killed the general and nothing.
    u either r the mustard or ur not right?
    This is the Iran I know.
    This is the Iran u know.
    U must have accepted it

  4. 🐑where is Putin, Putin Our Heavenly Father said we suppose to be team in Mother Russia, there is no i in team. Did you tell the saudi of Mother Russia. 🐑There is no side doors to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Our Heavenly Father told about those fallen angels he called them false gods in his commandment i'll tell them🐑56 islamic states

  5. China China and more China, by the way China already has better weapons and high- technology than us( USA) according to the Pentagon :https://youtu.be/jp3S5BgxR1c y https://youtu.be/m0ELNu6DOTk

  6. Indict both Joe and Hunter Biden they're selling out the USA to Russia and China…

  7. When is this lunacy going to stop…. who cares about US comedians running for presidency…

  8. Dont mess with Russia x China x Iran . They can destroy anything in the context

  9. Another fake news ???? Fake news attack ???

  10. USA basically saying their own cyber security is worst than my highschool library public wifi network lol why is everyone & their dogs can hack their election LOOL stop it lol whos gonna be hacking the election next year?

  11. Russia and China along with Iran are about to f up the United States. 😞

  12. They tryna start a civil war or disunion because they hate our country

  13. Hold on, why is Iran on this blame list?

  14. i want to see evidence a lot of it not some jerk telling me their meddling. and how many other elections in other country's has the usa meddled in????? the usa has never stopped overthrowing leaders of other countries!!!!!!!!! just look at Venezuela the USA has told the people of Venezuela who their president is!!! how about Syria or even Bolivia……. ask elon musk and trump who helped overthrow moralas in Bolivia!!!!!!! look at the timing of the unexplained tesla stock jump and the coupe in Bolivia and it wont be unexplained anymore…….

  15. تازه ترین اخبار جهان و ایران

  16. Wonderful propaganda!!
    What do we do without it??

  17. CNN people voice hurt my ear, they need covid to shut up

  18. What would these so called "attacks" accomplish? Why would anyone waste time on it? LOL

  19. The Ir offcls have been putting me & my kid in danger knowingly for 5 years! They & puddin used us ( a sick mother & disabled child with cerebral palsy in Iran)as a bait for rich famous powerful ALL over the World( Hollywood, royals, trbmillionares, g7, g20, famous companies, etc)for the Worldwide Cyberstalking mess!( puddin blackmail trap?)Faking our identities, faking accounts, stealing from us and milking those fools!
    Google, Facebook, Twitter, aple,mcrsft ,amzn,tsla,berkshre,& 100s involved! Even ntnyhu.. So much for anti isrl stuff..
    .What's use of having money when u abuse others with it Instead of helping?!
    Read before puddin Google deletes since it deleted many of my accounts to keep this quiet.. Deleting evidence of abuse on utube channels too..
    Get this message to Anyone related
    Hey Shapiro, elon bezos, bufet, gates, coook,skrbrg,etc the trrst trfckr drg dler cheating junkie father, 75,which was stealing from u for his Rus, Hindu, Iranian,etc girlfriends &love children, abusing us, (his daughter & grand daughter), fooling u & rest of rich famous powerful allover world,including Hollywood,g7,g20,royals, even Muslim leaders & religious & UN figures that were invited by ir offcls,puddin,obma,trmp is in mad wi.,USA. If u had the decency to even meet the ones you destroyed &paralyzed their lives in Person Even Once!!! In the last 5 years, 24/7,cyberstalking/cyberbullying!! Supporting abuse the ir offcls,Father & his gang that destroyed us for his dirty secrets in the last 12 years!!
    Check harassment playlist
    When nobody cares to protect us, we have to stand for ourselves
    Facebook and Twitter suspended many of my accounts for spreading Truth too
    Because of them we can't get proper dental medical care in Iran.. Followed inside outside & in danger Everywhere even in sleep, . Online, offline!
    Our case is a lot worse than Navalny that just wants to end Putin's power.. He used me & my kid in Iran.. With ir offcls milking the rich famous powerful All over the world faking our identities, abusing their interest to us, stealing from them! Lying Cheating, stealing.. All of a sudden everyone cares about Navalny to distract people from puddins abuse to a sick mother and disabled child with cerebral palsy in Iran!!! Like when everyone was finding out the cause of Beirut disaster was related to a Russian cargo ship irresponsibly left in their port.to explode. . Suddenly Putin says he got the vaccine to distract people again!!
    Stop fooling people.. U start corona, had the vaccine from beginning waiting for the right moment to save yourself!
    The UN was involved and knew about us but the ambassador related to Iran kept lying.. They wanna keep us prisoners forever and keep stealing from both sides

  20. For those who want to learn to speak Vietnamese:

  21. Can you message this too #kevgillztv on YouTube

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