Russia Cracks Down On Anti-War Protests Amid Mobilization Efforts In Ukraine

Russian citizens begin to flee the country after Russian President Putin announces mobilization efforts and as Russia cracks down on anti-war protests. Prices for one-way flights out of Russia rise in response to civilian mobilization. Latvia announced they will not provide visas for Russians attempting to escape from mobilization.

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  1. It's all planned so people will embrace the coming world leader (Antichrist, 666!) who will create order out of chaos of a while…. We are living in the E N D times, the 7year Tribulation with the world leader (Antichrist, 666) is right around the corner, that's GOD'S judgement upon all unbelievers! But there is hope – get saved and be rapture ready: accept JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and Savior today!!!

    Please study biblical end times prophecy; listen to Dr. Ron Rhodes on end times chronology.

    Blessings to you and your loved ones!

  2. Old slow joe is so jealous of putin. commie joe wants to roll tanks over American citizens so bad he can't even complete a sentence when speaks. LOL
    46 for prison!

  3. Interesting how Putin puts his biggest and best equipped men on riot-control. Not on the front lines, but to battle his own citizens.

  4. When that pundit says we, does she have a mouse in her pocket? After she goes to Combat in Ukraine with your entire crew then, and only then will I agree to send more $ for there border.

  5. Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous increase, the people rejoice,

    But when a wicked man rules, people groan.

  6. Send Hillary with her reset button for Putin!

  7. No one wants to talk about the Russian peace plan of December 2021, Joe Biden blew off and provoked Putin into war. I hate your president he is a deep state war mongering senile old man 👴

  8. Why does lend-lease only start in October???

  9. Ukrainian is now looking for where nuclear weapons is and bomb that areas.

  10. We know how Germany handled its economic hardships in 1939

  11. Imagine being so pathetic and vile you arrest someone for not supporting genocide.

  12. Russians are catching on. Putin is their enemy.

  13. So a total of 1300 people protested the mobilization in cities with a combined population of over 28 million. Really grasping at straws here arent you. Meanwhile crowds of over 50k people showed up in both Grozny and Moscow in solidarity to the referendums stating "We will not leave our own". Wheres that coverage MSM?

  14. Even most Russian people are against all this madness.

  15. I’m not Putin up with this anymore 🤨

  16. Wow…the lady is right… Putin is weak now.. take cautious advantage of it . don't rush in haphazardly but bring overwhelming destructive force on the Russians don't allow them to rest and recouperate or resupply

  17. It's a lie . Russian referendum is just a lie to steal land from a sovereign country at gun point

  18. All Ukraine supporters must stand strong music not waver stay the corse .. Russia is the evil bully and the bear needs to be caged up so it can't harm anyone anymore . If a fox starts killing chickens it's delt with accordingly. A rouge bear is delt with ..and takin care of. Russia is being the rouge bear. It must be delt with

  19. Because of him alone for power, Russian people should removed him for good to save up to millions lives.

  20. Biden has no backbone. It's time to destroy the aggressor Putin

  21. I hope Russia just crushes them already put it into the false flags on the nuclear power plant stop them from putting people in jail for voting for 5 years this government's just as crooked as our government in America all the money being laundered right now is ridiculous

  22. Why doesn't someone ask Abba to play for peace
    We know that Putin is crazy about them
    And where are all the famous ones Who sang against the war
    Joan Baez
    Eddie Vedder
    Ani Difranco
    Tom Morello
    Country Joe
    Jorma Kaukonen
    Roger Waters
    A great Wall of sound to stop the war
    Let's start singing….

  23. If we behaved like our gov_rn_ents we'd be in prison

  24. Europe needs to stand with Ukraine to show Russian empire that they can’t attack and defeat Europeans! Russia will never win this war