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Russia resumes sharing radiation data after deadly blast

Heritage Foundation senior research fellow John Venable discusses Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claim that there’s no risk of increased radiation levels following a blast at a military site in Russia.

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  1. You have to be out of your skull to actually build a missile with a nuclear drive. It would work but it would spread radiation like crazy.

  2. Привет. Я из России☠️ У нас скрывают эти новости по TV. Help. Скажите все ли хорошо? Безопасно вообще на территории России? Напишите комментарием что происходит в общих чертах.

  3. Yeah we got it , Russia just spread more radiation in the world which will make people get cancers …

  4. Is this the ‘mother of all bombs’ Putin described? Hahaha

  5. Thank you for making me Russia's king father .

  6. What blatant BS from FOX, no country along Russia's border has reported any increased radiation. There is nothing there,

  7. Nuttin to see here!! 👍😮👌. we cant get our own fake stories straight, how are we gonna get a story from commi Russia.. i loves me a good radiation the werlds ginna end story like the Fukashima one, That was a gooder to!! 🤪

  8. Well Russia girls are going to be beautiful and radiant now

  9. Russia radiation data count of isotopes is recording and all this data will be sent to the legal releasers of isotopes into atmosphere to spill upon others and using air as a medium/carrier for isotopes.

    Russia is also making census data and ready to deport. Global recession and great patriarchs.

  10. America loves Putin because he scares White people he is like A super Hero type figure and makes The world Look better but I watched the slam a few times

  11. Wow that’s so sad Putin is a very cool guy and Russia even though the military has done things has a great military overall they are great and don’t want to see anybody hurt if I trained tho I would do some Karate on Putin and Just Prove once and for all that money and global domination doesn’t mean You can fight

  12. Lol ,,, there goes the property values in Europe,,, mind you it’s tough selling real estate with 1500 year old plumbing and vermin that has established a 1500 year dynasty… 🤣🤣
    Let China have Western Europe,,, its a SH*T HOLE since Merkel let all the illegal Islamic refugees in ..

  13. Whats the US/Free world sensors saying?

  14. Nuclear war is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. The US badly needs to upgrade its infrastructure. Let's build an infrastructure that can survive nuclear war. First step is building an underground transportation system. Then add water and power. Finally build new cities underground. Spread the US population uniformly across the country.

  15. They have constant !!!! Constant accidents all over the country always did they have no safty …i know…people never told

  16. The video shows aftermath of the artillery warehouse explosion in the region of Krasnoyarsk. You can see sappers handling unexploded artillery shells. The so called "radiation" incident happened in the region of Murmansk. The distance between Murmansk and Krasnoyarsk is three thousand miles. Idiots.

  17. Kgb colonel comrade putin lmao. Oligarchs are pissed!


  19. I was told it's the equivalent of a chest X-ray

  20. Oh well America wants to be communist! Just ask ANTIFA.. Doesn’t matter. This is how the democrats want America! Don’t worry ANTIFA YOUR CHILDREN MAY DIE FROM THIS ACCIDENT. You reap what you sew!!

  21. @Fox Business @CBSN
    Megadeth/Killing Is My Business
    @TMZ ✔✔✔✔ Yellow!

  22. 🇺🇸 just sent a memo to 🇷🇺

  23. Your Video about Epstein has disabled comments. What gives? Covering up for an International Deep-State Pedophile cabal? Or just taking marching orders from the money men again? I really don't think we should just be sweeping this under the rug. People on both sides, at least people who aren't the billionaire funded media, are questioning this case and you're disabling comment sections and running with the narrative?

    I've never seen News organizations so quick to declare that something was "definitely a suicide". Usually you guys say "allegedly" in these situations but here you're all so quick in your certainty. Very strange.


  25. Everyone just wants to defend themselves against each other.

    I really don't think there's anything to this. Unless a spy infiltrated the site.

  26. Putin is a short, little sawed off runt with a big mouth.

  27. Putin: Turn them off and alter the meters

  28. Just because Russians glow-in-the-dark does not mean they have been exposed to radiation it’s just a healthy glow.

  29. Russia can gain a lot from cooperating with the West to improve their nuclear safety, which is in a TERRIBLE state.

  30. There was no nuclear incident. The explosion shown was from a ammunition depot 2000 km away. The explosion in question was actually a fire that burned a tiny amount of radioactive fuel and resulting radiation was no more than you get from flying in airliner a few times. It dissipated within hours, which is more than you can say for several nuclear power stations in US that leak radiation constantly.

  31. People in Nevada have survived the Test Sight for decades!

  32. In the Good USA our radiation monitors were turned off after FUKUSHIMA and are still OFF..

  33. Putin has already served as premier 7 years longer than Stalin. Mind you that he has been in office as of May 7, 2000. Almost 20 years. Stalin was premier from 1941 to 1953.
    Boris Yeltsin- 8 years.
    Dmitry Medvedev- 4 years.
    Take what you will from that.

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