Russia will make $1 billion a day if oil hits $100 a barrel: Oil expert

United Refining Company CEO John Catsimatidis explains why Russia and OPEC nations want to push oil to $100 a barrel on ‘Varney & Co.’ #foxbusiness #varney

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  1. If we opened up American Energy Resources like we had in 2019, we would compete & overcome their $$ oil income. Our energy is produced cleanly not like Russia or Venezuela or Iran.

  2. Put the American people back to work the pipeline cut Russia's pipeline and see where it goes then

  3. John Cat = common sense

  4. Warning, Putin bots in the comments section!

  5. Acheter ou racketter ou sanctionner

  6. If Russia makes 1 billion a day good for them. They have a brilliant leader. Ours some how thought it was a good idea to shut our oil down. Not so brilliant. You have to look at the overall picture. 1 leader is brilliant 👏 the other a effing Idiot.

  7. The Biden-Harris Administration is directly responsible.

  8. Anyone doing the math here – $50/barrel.. still making $500m/day wtf lol

  9. "By the end of 2023 Russia GDP will be about 8 percent below where it was in 2021." "As Vladimir Putin’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine continues to unravel, growing numbers of Western experts are predicting the breakup of the Russian Federation itself. While Russia may yet survive the debacle in Ukraine, it is already apparent that the Kremlin has suffered an historic loss of influence in the wider post-Soviet region."

  10. Chinese Joe Biden helps Putin fund the war by killing American energy.

  11. Liberal genocide against Russia sanctions are not the solution of democracy in the world, it is a shame to accuse Russia of incorrect actions, Russia has always been a fair country.

  12. $6 in CA😠 FJB! Vote Dems out in Nov! Their policy sucks!

  13. They lost their minds on EVERYTHING! For 12 years the inmates were running the
    Asylum in Germany. How long will these lunatics last?

  14. This is impossible nor even Saudi Aramco makes this much

  15. At times, it's difficult to decerm FOX from CNN. At least, CNN is trying to change..

  16. Get Nato out of Ukraine..???

  17. Rilly! Just send him a check but you might have water in your oil, I don’t think oil and water mix!

  18. Always wonderful to hear John Catsimatidis