Tuesday , March 9 2021
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Russian Government Resigns To Make Way For Vladimir Putin’s Constitutional Changes | NBC News

Prime Minister Medvedev said President Putin plans to “introduce significant changes not only to a number of articles of the Constitution but also to the general balance of power.”
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Russian government resigns to make way for Vladimir Putin’s constitutional changes | NBC News


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  1. Down with the legacy media!

  2. Russian citizens are against changing the constitution. Before Putin turns off the global Internet in Russia, I want the world community to know that people in Russia are against changing the constitution. Putin wants to hide from The Hague

  3. Without Vladimir Putin Russia 🇷🇺 we’ll be doomed.

  4. Why should Putin make such delicious changes to their cuntstution?!

  5. Царь Путин Великий

  6. Vladimir Putin, Was President Saddam neck cracked like my Concussion,Eye socket and Elbow when he was Hanged to death ?


  8. If Russia constitutional right as the 2nd amendment right is giving to the people's right, than signed me up as a citizen right to coexist within ure land😃

  9. Warning: For the benefit of the United States, the U.S. government will do anything, including the use of nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons.💀

  10. They want to Know Who Am I

    They do not know Who AM I

    They will get to know soon . ..

    Very soon

    Namrata Trivedi

  11. They can only hack my phone ..whether next door or politicians of India..they can ot do anything else ..one sits and eat morsels of government paid money and other take morsels form peolle and eat .

    This is what they do .

    Namrata Trivedi

  12. President
    Have not made any updates on my facebook account as yet have not open .
    No messenger to have written
    Yet the device is on and it has become too much nuisance here .
    Put to UN with all nations in it ..the fact and truth .

    Namrata Trivedi
    Borivali east

  13. Western media won't tell you that the new prime minister of Russia is an economist instead of corny politician.

  14. Wtf is going on someone plz explain.


  16. I smell a big pile of corruption

  17. NBC is fake news. They covered up the Epstein scandal.

  18. And soon to follow V. Putin's lead sometime before November 2024,,,
    "He was the former president to the United States,,,
    But with the help of Russian election interference, Mitch McConnell, and his perfect phone calls,,,
    He's so untouchable he championed himself straight through the ranks to your new supreme leader and king,,,
    Get ready one and all,,,
    Here comes the fanfare and his very HOT and barely dressed Trump-etts,,,
    Bow, bow, bow down people, bow down before your combover king or be beheaded,,,
    It's your choice!!!
    He's the royalist of royalty,,,
    And here he is, King Donald J. Corruptrumption!!!"
    Yeah, and the Republicans go wild!!!

  19. Uneducated: Soviet Union dictator Putin

    Me an intellectual: tsar Putin

  20. Do you people even know what the changes are? Or that the PM said this was a good thing? Putin gave more of the executive powers to the Legislative body. You should worry more about the powers and lies and of our own government.

  21. Read Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent. I’m no Putin fan, but you have to get your news from outlets outside of MSNBC and other establishment outlets. MSNBC is not news, they’re the propaganda arm of the DNC.

  22. Okay I just checked this out for about 5 minutes on Google, all these stories are basically saying kind of around the same thing but basically slanted towards whichever government is reporting on the Russian government, of course there are some so-called Russian sources here too, but some of them are saying conflicting things.

    So I'm just going to take it and run with it.

    To our mindz it could be either of two things. Of course there's a zillion possibilities LOL, but two main ones we see. One is of course the corporate system in Russia is tightening its grip, they see the rise of General MISinterest* n general political fragmentation in the United States, n the rising of the progressive faction especially, of which I am including people in my circle, but anywho to try and take advantage of that to start some push into Africa, Europe, and especially China. The Russian corp of course doesn't like Americas interest in the economic power of China, but since the Russian economy is not producing 2 trillion dollars worth of consumer goods every year, well they can take it and shove it LOL.

    The military power of Russia however is the same as it ever was in the words of the Talking Heads, and that is that they are capable of reaching anywhere on the planets and the moon and probably Mars with interContinental n probably interplanetary ballistic missiles LOL. That hasn't changed.

    Point is the hardliners probably see an increase in NATO activities, which is of course what the American corporate system is pushing for. Which brings us into the second possibility, not without pausing long enough to realize that Russian could be increasing its military capability to combat the Republican and Democrat planned increase in NATO capabilities, and the best way they could do this is by allying with China, even more than they are.

    Then #2, we'll call this the Sun Ray Cure in joking imitation of General Rommels calling Adolf Hitler's rosy estimations of matters generally after a hefty dose of methamphetamine, LOL but the point is it could be that there is a corporate faction taking over in Russia that is simply tired of the insane intercorporate competition.

    What I mean is that these people may represent the phenomenally huge faction in russia that also wants an end to economic charlatanism and military insanity. I think we have to remember there are people in russia that remember the failed experiment of so called communism. And maybe want to give ACTUAL communism a try.

    A lot of the stories say Putin is taking measures to ensure he will be in on whatever form this takes for some time. Hey call Putin whatever you want. What is known is, he hasn't been talking s*** about the United States recently anyway.

    RT, straight out of Russia funded by the Russian government and with Studios right down the street from the Kremlin LOL, has been broadcasting Progressive political stuff on the internet and cable and satellite for quite a while. Could it be, that there are still some holdouts of the old party, but actually thinking about their AND YOUR grandchildren and great great great great grandchildren, and wondering what the party could possibly be if they were to take their waning but still considerable multi trillion-dollar possession of key Industries in Russia, and turn it towards the future toward a progressive what I would call Progressive Movement?

    The shadow knows hehe xx




  23. Some smart philosopher was right. Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely. Russian antics is no surprise. They just a prelude to Armageddon as prophesied

  24. Sigame humillando haber sino pierde todo su dinero y poder tumbando al Socialismo y ganando el Capitalismo

  25. Resigns?… Putin fired his gov so he can be THE gov.

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