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Russian Police Hit Protestors With Batons During Election Rally | NBC News

Over 1,500 people attended a protest in Moscow, Russia, to demand free elections and to allow opposition candidates to run. Russian police wearing riot gear and used batons, carrying away protesters.
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Russian Police Hit Protestors With Batons During Election Rally | NBC News


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  1. Freedom to French people! O crap it's Russia. Freedom to Russian people.

  2. People call Trump bad. LOL

  3. Shame on Putin and Russia’s outdated dictatorship!

  4. At least the Russkies know how to take care of their protestors.


  6. that is what a weak government looks like

  7. Dictator Putin is most hated man in Russia.

  8. It's crazy that actual news companies will use these false amateur videos and share as truth

  9. Ненависть, ненависть… Фашистские ублюдки.

  10. Russians are Brave People that Struggle for Human Rights and they will Win over this Tyranny………/…………Русские – смелые люди, борющиеся за права человека, и они победят эту тиранию.

  11. HLP russish people pls! Save russish people pls!

  12. The Lord needs people who can to be making spiritual moviments against the bases of Russia where have chemical bombs im secret as the Lord told mehttps://youtu.be/0LPrHKNAIdc

  13. I am from Russia, and I was at this rally. It was terrible. The crowd simply stood or walked around the square, and the armed officers of the Russian Guard and the police searched the crowd for an absolutely random person and attacked with severe beatings, arrested for 10-30 days. We just wanted the admission of candidates outside the control of the authorities, who fulfilled all the conditions for participation in the elections, in contrast to the candidates for power. I beg you, do not joke about this protest, it deserves sorrow. I am writing in Google translator, sorry for the inaccurate translation

  14. Oh Putin is making sure that's what happening in Hong Kong won't happen in Russia . He's a FREAKIN' WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING !! Did you notice how he speaks and visits the children of Russia ? There's your first clue: speak to children ( watch the parents faces during these videos ) SURE EVERYONE is happy and Putin let me tell you this , YOU'RE A LEOPARD !! GO FURTHER TO HELP CHINA. Hence why their 45 billion in trade rose in July . Like that bussiness with China ? YOU HAVE NOT SEEN NOTHING YET YOU WOLF !! You don't fool me PUTIN !!! World keep a close eye on this wanna be " ALPHA MALE " . YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO WOLVES …..

  15. Dictator putin eliminating all his rivals…20 years in and no end in sight…so sad.

  16. Trump: I dont see why Putin would lie. We need to have a good relationship with Vlad and the boys 😆

  17. i don't know why but, i love those uniforms that the police are wearing.

  18. Great job president Putin. Take the money supply from terrorist Antifa paid by Gerge Soros. Lock them up.

  19. Trump is salivating "I need dis! you see? tell me how can I do dis?"

  20. If the left wins the next election they will appoint Antifa to the new secret police and this is what it will look like.

  21. well in France they would just shoot you in the face with a rubber bullet

  22. In America the cops just shoot you or at minimum pepper spray you in the face! "I CAN'T Breathe is American."

  23. The Russian police don't put up with nonsense. When is Putin going to send in the tanks so we can see the Red Square Massacre.

  24. Now if you look close this is the inspiration for the new Republican party..

  25. What do you expect?
    This is how Filthy Dictators Control their Slaves. Same thing, different day. Putin is just usually better at keeping it off the news.
    This is the kind of power Trump imagines himself having.
    That's why Evil Trump is SO Dangerous for our Great Nation.
    If you love Freedom you Must Resist Evil Trump.

  26. This the America the demoKKKrats want! Pay attention America!!

  27. Dictator Putin is worried by his declining favorable rating numbers.

  28. The Joe Biden rally was going well till somebody yelled that they were out of hotdogs.

  29. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT PUTIN. That's the kind of justice we need in the US. Crack a few of those blue haired leftists skulls. Come on PRESIDENT TRUMP, open that can.

  30. Whats the diffrince between those cops and the ones in portland dc or philly acab.

  31. Russian people are finally sick of one dictator after another

  32. GOD will destroy you Putin🌪🌪🔥🔥

  33. Are you that desperate putin

  34. You better be reporting this on TV…

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