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Rust belt guys are getting sick of being called stupid by Democrats: Dennis Miller

Comedian Dennis Miller gives an impassioned explanation for why Democrats lost in 2016, and why they may well lose again in 2020.


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  1. I live at ground zero of the Democrats, Leftist, and Liberals power base. These people have no idea of what a human being is all about. They are not accepting or receptive to each other or anyone else. The only thing that this ill-fated group has in common is they hate the American people.

  2. Kennedy is nice, I like her ….but can we have more Dennis Miller, like his own show please?

  3. Good interview but this woman has a bad habit of over talking her guests. Interviewer-itis

  4. I believe the whole world would vote for Trump! What a Breath of fresh air Trump brings to politics!

  5. Ditch the glasses, the educated effect no longer works! Looks far too contrived.

  6. It ain't just the rust belt, buddy boy!

  7. All the dems can only bash Trump. Its their only chance but it will fail.

  8. Dennis, a comedian? He is as bad here as he was on Monday Night Football.

  9. Me my family and all my friends and neighbors love our president think God for him were gonna do it again in 2020

  10. When you are consumed by hate, it is impossible to think clearly and look sane.

  11. Left wing hacks in Congress and the media are just vile disgusting subhumans, period full stop

  12. Tell it to them Rust it seems.the democrats van call us stupid and all kinds of names but when we call back we are censored and blocked off

  13. I will NEVER EVER vote for a demorat again

  14. "They should be in the kitchen …these broads!" … her delivery of that made me chuckle long after 😆

  15. Very irritating "interviewer" — she give speeches using Dennis Miller as a prop. Not a real interview.

  16. I thumbs upped as soon as Dennis said “they’re not as smart as they think they are”

  17. Democrats win only by rigging. Its been so bad and rigged for so long they have morons for candidates and think they only need PR to get elected. If it can't be rigged no one will vote for them. They offer nothing. We are done with them.

  18. Hillary thought she was going to have her victory drink in the oval office so she didn't have to campaign that hard.

  19. I have always liked Dennis Miller….most of the time.😑✌❤🇺🇸

  20. Dems think that they can shame people into voting against. What they really are doing is pissing off more people to vote for Trump.

  21. There's a cure for being called stupid by Democrats.  Take the "red" Trump pill and vote in the morning.

  22. Russia made Hillary so sick and feeble that she couldn't campaign in Wisconsin.

  23. When the other party constantly tells you what strategies would work best against them, you know you're in trouble.

  24. We must save America and refuse to vote for the Democrats ever again

  25. Blue collar guys are now uneducated deplorables according to Liberals.

  26. Noting will be a path to victory for the Dems…. nothing!

  27. Conservatives don't take to the streets whining and having temper tantrums.

  28. I remember watching her on MTV.

  29. Love Miller…I spit my beer out on the Lavern and Shirley joke.

  30. these democrats have went crazy they all work for the illegal Mexicans and the illegal migrants impeach all of these anti american congress people now

  31. Dems calling others stupid??? Pot meet kettle.

  32. Ruth Bater Ginsburg should have stepped down while Obama had a chance to replace her. They took for granted that Hillary would win, Trump 2020 , we'll see if she can stay another 4 years.

  33. Dennis Miller has always made his point and no matter whether or not you agree with him. He makes his position valid and intelligent, is based on the truth… Thats what matters.

  34. I can't understand the Dems thinking. They are anti America. MG we've got somalis in Congress. Open borders Free Free

  35. I haven't always liked Dennis Miller, but one thing I will say is that most of his material is contreversial, but truthful. I think he nailed it here.

  36. If we as a people vote down a democrat this year will they got the point? We don't want to be ruled? We are people. They have exhaustively said they want to take our money and guns. They will lose again. Period.

  37. Did Ilhan Omar marry her brother TO GAIN HER WAY INTO USA


  39. Kennedy play stupid with miller. You just aint funny

  40. Actuary tables are saying she is getting old…


  41. I would love to get Ann coulter and Kennedy a little too drunk and do some political porn.

  42. I'm from Romania. I don't like Trump. And even I would vote for him.

  43. I can't see your eyes, don't cover up your beauty.

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