Tuesday , January 18 2022
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Public Appearance Days After Completing Cancer Treatment | NBC Nightly News

The 86-year-old Supreme Court Justice received an honorary degree at the University of Buffalo.
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Public Appearance Days After Completing Cancer Treatment | NBC Nightly News


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  1. THANK YOU!! Your stubbornness to stay on the Supreme Court will allow a Conservative replacement for a long long time

  2. Is this the old lady who wanted to lower the age of sexual consent to age 12? Why she is nothing but a dirty pedophile. Sorry to see that she is still breathing. Hopefully not for long.

  3. "You can run but you cannot hide."
    ~Grim Reaper

  4. Lol omg Notorious RGB! You go girl! Baby killing and pedophilia is tight!!! Lol y’all a bunch of morons.


  6. Thank you Ruth, for not retiring during Obama's 8 years as President,

    when it would have been easy to replace you with another America hating lefty.

    Instead you chose not to retire but wait for the first female President,

    hillary clinton, to name your replacement. How'd that work out, LMAO.

  7. This woman should have hourly doctor appointments to make sure she's in full health while we still have the orange 🤡

  8. As a victim of child abuse I am shocked to see people celebrate a women who wanted to lower the age of consent to 12 and legalise prostitution.

  9. "Showing no sign of slowing down"……..Ummmm are you sure ? The only thing slower than her pace now is death….She's done. Bye Ruth, you did well.

  10. Her strength and huspah is unbelievable I love her gumption and her sense of humor✌👍 wishing her all the best😁

  11. This lady has nine lives, but she is running out of them rapidly.

  12. Ruth is carrying the entire future of the Justice system on her back!

  13. I really am shocked she is alive. 😮

  14. She looks horrible. She should retire.

  15. She is far more rock star than notorious. Go girl go.

  16. Ginsburg has a recurrence of pancreatic cancer with a bile duct stent put in. This is indicative of palliative care in late stage cancer. It is not operable. Do any of these insane radical leftist cult worshipers understand that?

  17. She is more clear in expressing her thoughts than that monster in the White House and he's 14 years her junior. I sure hope she remains in good health. We need her.

  18. I thought Pearl Harbor was the worst thing the Japanese did to America now I know it was Yoko Ono.

  19. You are a shinning example of greatness! Your mild ….but humorous presentations are a joy to watch! God Bless You for many years of Great health…you have battled more than your share of illness, never complaining!

  20. Because we love and respect you !!!!!

  21. God bless her tiny little soul. I hope when her time comes, that she passes quickly and quietly in the night, so that she will not suffer much from the cancer that she has been inflicted with. Surely our president will choose wisely her replacement.

  22. 3rd pick for Trump.👌🇺🇸

    Liberals are gonna sh*t themselves. I can't wait for the coming meltdowns.😀

  23. RBG sure is one tough, humorous lady. If she wants to continue working, I have no issues with it. I've seen the devastating effects of cancer and wouldn't wish it upon anyone.

  24. Trump
    Supreme Court Justice
    number three

  25. Wow! She was a LOOKER! I had no idea!

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