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Ryan Lochte disagrees with athletes who 'disgrace' American flag on the podium

Twelve-time Olympic gold medalist and world record holder Ryan Lochte says he doesn’t approve of athletes ‘disgracing the flag’ on the podium. #FoxBusiness #Olympics #Tokyo2020

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  1. Why are we listening to spoiled children who play games, whether we agree with them or not?

  2. C’mon stop speaking around the subject. You just pause and now you don’t speak like an athlete you’re speaking like a politician. Sorry but my respect for you went down. Say how you feel not try to pander to the masses. Be an athlete-stand up or guess you didn’t need to be there.

  3. Rather lose with patriots….Marxist takeover!

  4. Poor Ryan Lochte, answering the hard questions with answers like, "I love America. I am American" and turning in his chair for fear he might offend the wrong person.

  5. I wonder why we hear of USA flag being disrespected and not other countries doing it to their flag or country. I wonder if people from other countries would be pulled off their teams immediately and never be able to compete every again

  6. A man of Honour and Courage… jhe will now be Cancelled by the WOKE IDIOTS. ….

  7. Simple this is the usa if you dont like the flag leave go live on a island are veterans fought and died for the flag it should be respected

  8. ✋ Didn't Lochte disgrace America in Brazil?

  9. Anyone disgracing the American flag,or the National anthem needs to move to where they are happy.

  10. while I support his message I ask is there an agenda, get back in America's good graces? Why do they have to wear promotional clothes? reduces their integrity in my eyes. shows they really nly care about money.

  11. Me too. I don't know how to swim.

  12. We would watch Olympics as a family. Nowadays the grand kids could care less and we quit watching too. Haven't in years.

  13. I wouldn't stand on that podium out of respect for America…

  14. We live in a Cookie Cutter Society. Everyone can have their own freedoms as long as they agree with YOURS. The world is full of Hypocrites.

  15. They shouldn't be on an American team representing a country they hate.

  16. Don’t represent this country and go live your miserable life and leave people that love this country alone and honestly represent it. God job for speaking Ryan.

  17. Bread and Circus a 2000 year old open secret

  18. The Flag stands for the Constitution.

  19. USA provides regulated minimum wages, safety regulations for workers, labor laws protecting children, workers compensation, life insurance, home insurance, auto insurance and social security.
    Some people just aren't grateful.

  20. The Ryan Lochte who disgraced America in Brazil and then got busted by anti-doping agency?

  21. Nobody disgraced the flag anyhow so there’s that.

  22. you lied about being being robbed go home and shut up

  23. Too afraid to speak like all of us.

  24. If you don’t like this country then why compete for this country???

  25. His Twitter was amazing back in the day.

  26. Thank you for your voice.

  27. Yuktube terminated Hillary Hills account for reporting on Arizona audit of 2020 voter fraud.
    Your next.

  28. I didn't know that the Olympics were actually taking place.

  29. Not disrespecting, being disrespected and killed for being… Standing up for people who can't fight on a leveled playing field is all these people are expressing, learn more about Bucking of men, in front of their families and then tell me would you bend over backwards anymore for people who don't see your pain💔

  30. Lying FOX News asks a banned former Olympian if he will be in the Olympics again knowing he can't after being arrested in Rio for lying to their police. He disgraced the US. What a lying network

  31. There on the behalf of here and don’t even like it here. That’s strange to me.

  32. There representing America and people do that. Why be there on the behalf of America and you don’t even like it.

  33. American: chooses to join the Olympic team & not pledge allegiance. Fox: get off the team.
    Ben & Jerry's: we choose to not sell in certain areas any more. Fox: no, you can't leave.


  35. There are a few, but most are a bunch of woke rich kids that don't have a clue about what is going on
    I just won't watch it this year

  36. Vrney might ask Lochte howmany OTHER ways thereareforand"Olympian" to disgrace America

  37. The Olympic athletes do not have a right to speak up for themselves. The Olympic committee has rules forbidding it

  38. Lol Ryan LOCHTE? Really? Not necessarily the flex you think this is.

  39. Of all people to come on air to talk about disgracing the flag, Ryan Lochte?? The one who faked getting mugged at the Brazil Olympics? That's rich.

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