Tuesday , September 29 2020
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'Ryan's World' star tops list of highest-paid YouTubers in 2019

Fox Business’ Susan Li recaps Liz Claman’s viral interview with Logan Paul and the highest-paid YouTubers in 2019.

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  1. This is capitalism at work. I don’t understand why old people hate youtube and hate people who make money off YouTube so much.

  2. Ryan's World's: $24M and 23.2 Million Subscribers

    Pewdiepie: $61M and 103 Million Subscribers "Am I a Skratta to you?!"

  3. Have a 💯%🔥 New Years to you and your fams

  4. Now a days kids dream is to become a YouTuber

  5. Youtube demonetizes basically all content that can’t be watched by babies. So I guess it makes sense a toddler would make the most money

  6. The only reason this kid has so many viewers is because parents expect YouTube to babysit their kids.

  7. Most of the toys that kid talls about or his Parents promote are CRAPPPPP, Dont buy them.

  8. Fox hits a new low.unsubscribe.

  9. Only because most of the conservative YouTube channels are demonetized.

  10. Ryan's world is that Google earth of wireframe mainframe illusion world.

  11. That these sad fools have so many followers tells a lot about us humans…

  12. Who are paying them?
    Cause I'm not and wont.
    Paying people to fill positions other people would be filling is just scumbaggery.
    Its like saying someone is the best athlete for what they are paid. Not what they do.

  13. This is why I don't donate to channels! Good bye u tube! the end!

  14. 🔴Capitalism is good, don’t matter how you make money, let the market decide🤷‍♂️ don’t judge people…

  15. I thought you aren't aloud to make money off kids on YouTube??

  16. We live in such a stupid world.

  17. From what I was told, Ryan’s fathers started this by recording his sons reaction to playing with new toys. He put them on you tube to share not because he was expecting anything, but just for fun. When the word got around to the toy companies they started sending their new toys to Ryan to get his reaction. It took off from there

  18. YouTube is communist they delete conservative comments. Only democrats can disrespect anyone.

  19. Logan paul is a joke. Why would fox even put him on the air? Have they forgotten about paul using a suicide victim to get views? He is manchild scum.

  20. My son started watching that Ryan Channel a couple years ago. And I blocked it after a short while. But somehow he seems to find a video with the little boy in it here and there. And then I block that as well. Just something about that channel rubs me the wrong way. But then that you're I heard he made two million. And now he's up to 26 million. Yeah he won't be making any AdSense off my kid Ryan. Gluttonous little boy

  21. His just started making money?..Oh Bull💩💩💩 he uses Cheap Chinese,Child labor to do his reviews…This clowns making bank ..count on it..

  22. If they hadn't demonetized all the cool YouTubers, a kid would not be reigning supreme…

  23. My wife and I have a six-year-old son that is better looking than Ryan. We missed out on the exploitive money train, I guess.

  24. Why would they ever give that idiot a platform to speak on.

  25. Who knew you could get rich by recording your family chasing each other around the house.

  26. Yeah, that mid channel wont be profitable after the new youtube changes…

  27. Fox News > Ryan’s World

  28. When parents profit from their children

  29. Beginning of the end of YouTube, is more like it

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