Thursday , January 21 2021
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Sackler Family Grilled By Congress On Purdue Pharma’s Role In Opioid Crisis | NBC Nightly News

The current CEO and members of the wealthy family that founded Purdue Pharma, David Sackler and Kathe Sackler, apologized for OxyContin’s role in the opioid crisis, but said neither they nor the board did anything illegal or unethical. Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper said he didn’t know of “any family in America that’s more evil than yours.”
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Sackler Family Grilled By Congress On Purdue Pharma’s Role In Opioid Crisis | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Don’t only blame this family. The doctors, patients, and insurance companies all knew this was addictive and knew it was happening.

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  4. Obviously, this family has the complexion for the connection. ..and people say there's no such thing as white privilege. FOH

  5. I have been in EXTREME PAIN SINCE 1987. Been in this med since 2000.
    And I still alive and with a good livet..
    Take them as directed and you WILL NOT DIE.

  6. Be very careful when you deal with Purdue and remember liar is not acceptable.

  7. Half of congress got rich off of it

  8. Watch the pharmacist on Netflix it talks about the company it’s just so sad how many people become addicted to the drug

  9. the Ceo Speech "i am disappointed in the outcome and we'll be sure to do an internal investigation to find what went wrong and fix it. In the meantime can I interest you some of our other save and non addictive drugs?"

  10. Lock them up in the same prison that of the worst criminals.

  11. They need to put these people on Narco on netflix…..🤦‍♂️

  12. Made Chapo look like a corner boy

  13. Maybe you could have researched it a lot more
    Doctors were giving them out like candy
    Because they had incentives to do so
    Your rep's said it wasn't as addictive as other medicine for pain
    But you knew it was

  14. Hey guys give them a break, they said they're sorry right?

  15. You guys just accused Trump of committing war crimes during the ColdWar. The funniest and most unhinged thing I’ve ever heard. Howard Fineman is a certified nutter.

  16. the Rich don't get Arrested !

  17. OxyContin was used in Australia for pain control,and they need to be sued by Australians,

  18. All a sh#$ show just to make people think they are doing something about it. Politicians gets millions from these drug companies to put on a show. Nothing will happen to them. If the Politicians really cared, these drug company CEOs would be serving life in Prison. Don't forget, MSM also gets Mkllions in keeping everyone dri mlm king that koolaide.

  19. Don't forget the addict killed himself on oxycontin. Blame the drug lord not the addict. Who was most like useless to society aaanyway

  20. There was a small town in West Virginia that had tons of pharmacies and moved in excess of 6 million doses in a year. There's no way they didn't know and they are most definitely not sorry.

  21. People need to accept like with many things in life, their are risks involved with every choice. I'm sad for lives lost to addiction and sad for the quality of life of those who are struggling to with chronic pain.


  23. Maybe they need to have a few of their product just to see how it feels. Even McDonalds CEO back in the day use to try out the sandwiches. Put them on a weekly regiment for a month.

  24. Millions of pills pumped into a town of hundreds in WV.

  25. Those pain killers are helping many people. As a hospice care giver and nurse I couldn't imagine being in that kind of pain without help. Back off. Because one day you will need those medications while you have a tumor the size of a football pressing against your organs. And you will cry out for help.

  26. Let's not blame the drug companies. As a nurse, I see the doctors that give these meds out like candy to be at fault. And when the doctors are told to back off. They expect their patients to go off those drugs cold turkey. I have had to help many people in these situations. Doctors are at fault. They don't care.

  27. This wasn't a pain killer; it was a killer.

  28. Street Princeopals DOUBLE LINKED FOR YOUR HOLIDAY PLEASURE' 2 for 1

  29. Don't give payouts, Start the Purdue Pharma rehab institution . Help millions, leave a long lasting impression of help and health across America.

  30. And people who need this for chronic pain relief are suffering even more now!

  31. Did he say he doesn't know of a more evil family than the oxy creators??? Has this dude not heard of the Rockefeller family!!!!

  32. Freeze all their assets in every country.

  33. There's literally no difference between El Chapo and this family they should all be sent to Florence adx

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