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Saddle Ridge fire forces nearly 100,000 residents to evacuate

Firefighters used saws to reach gated communities and those who stayed behind were fighting the blazes with garden hoses; red-flag warnings were extended in California.

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  1. 🙏helps to watch these pretty men 🔥

  2. Wrath of god our God is a god of wrath

  3. Its planet x dont you know it by now el nino is getting bigger much bigger

  4. The SW is in an extreme drought, and have been for the last 10 years. We are breathing black death. All around us are fires here in southern Colorado. Wildlife are at the mercy of where they might run and hide – nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. Humans are so frickin' ignorant, and stupid. Wake up. Use caution. Minimize your water use. The mts are being drained in order to water lawns in large cities. STOP IT NOW!! Blue gold.

  5. Marry is not going to save your house

  6. All this happened by one truck with burning garbage

  7. When the smoke clears of every fire in California and all is burnt…China already has come in and bought up all property will take it all over and build on it. California belongs to China now!

  8. See Logicbeforeauthority… These fires were explosions all over state at the same time ! No one believes this is the wind bull. Shit started by laser technology after dark. CA was under attack . wake up . see Logicbeforeauthority proof . stop your false news ! Please , everyone knows this is not the winds . do your job news ..

  9. This is total BS, they are claiming a garbage truck caused all this… California garbage trucks have the company name on the sides, the truck they show us has NO logo, NO company name. It’s just a plain garbage truck with no writing which is BS.

    Not only that, 3 explosions occurred at once caught on radar which caused these fires. This is another false flag event, they are lying to people and causing these fires and using DEW weapons

  10. welcome to the end of the end of the world this is serious

  11. California

    PG&E:How do we get our money back and avoid paying the lawsuit and going bankrupt?……

    Jenkins(Fictional Employee): We'll shut off power and hire someone to be an arsonist. So we can say see we are not the cause of these fires now give us our money back and drop your lawsuit.

    PG&E: Jenkins that's a brilliant idea….Moments later press release PG&E wil be shutting off power just in case to avoid the chance of fires……….Two days later PG&E quene Billy Joel-We didn't Start the Fire

  12. Of course the sheep, the drooling followers main stream media will always believe, is that Santa Ana winds across southern Kalifornia are the cause of the fires blowing out of control.
    Naturally, they can't take it upon themselves to look online i.e. weather channels to monitor the constant 0 mph to moderately low i.e. up to 8 mph wind speeds that have been occurring all across southern Kalifornia. Tehachapee had the highest winds so far 4 days ago, of 15 mph. The sheep also don't realize that the fires themselves cause the high, localized winds in the immediate area, which is of course purposely misrepresented by the main stream media. PG&E and the Kalifornia regime hard at work.
    Did I mention the abrupt shutdown of Ham radio repeaters in Kalifornia, by the governor's office just before the PG&E announcement of blackouts? Shear coincidence, right?

  13. Great people are coming out to help each other . we donated 7 portable generators as there was a power cut and some canned food from this site –
    Great site to donate for emergencies but i think we should be prepared for any such natural disasters.

  14. This adds to the homelessness the sitting administration is using for political reelection. Instead of assisting to remedy.
    Let me guess, rack the forest?
    Strange the mass of people being burned out of their homes in California last few years?

  15. The Most High is talkin loud y’all. Not any arsonist. Eusa doesn’t have the high IQ’s they claim they have to get together and start all these fires but The Most High does. Better recognize.

  16. Bull crap, ammunition my ass

  17. Are we all going to ignore the fact that he said at 4:04 he said well continue to hit the southern north eastern???.. and that cracking sound he said your heard… Put aluminum foil in a microwave, not too much, that's what that sounds like. That's not no wild fires. Bullshit

  18. I thought that's why they shut the power off to prevent the fires.???? What is really going on????

  19. The language used in this segment is really… appalling. Come on… quit playing on people's psyche… apocalyptic flames?? The length that these news crews go to… I can't.

  20. They starting these fires again

  21. Ok I'm sorry for everyone that stuff got loss but who put burning trash in the trash



  24. Wow..nice Hollywood buffs…

  25. RD ; How does ABC get time from " Trump Hating " from New York City , to cover fires 3,000 miles away ? Cuz they own most broadcasting networks in the country , along with CBS , NBC , FOX ! Slime Balls bought up all the Local News Stations in the 80's so they could pump Propaganda !

  26. Lord help the people of California.

  27. This is all intentional. Environmental warfare. Power. Evil

  28. Caused by global warming and drought and no rains in California for years now. Worst is yet to come. theres supposed to be a massive long period of drought due to global warming which causes no rains and higher temps causing all of this. If this keeps up how will insurance companies pay for all the damage.

  29. They tried so hard so hard to insure it wouldn't happen still think global warming is a farce trump turds .the world is watching and praying for you to stay safe and beat this fire down .

  30. Every year it's the same thing. How come this never effects the homeless and their needles?

  31. At this point we might another civil war with these assholes.

  32. Why is he not catching on fire or acting like hey, that's hot? He's just stepped in front of that fire and was all cavalier about it like, yes down there see. He wouldn't even be able to really breathe either with all that smoke and the lack of oxygen…. This is why Trump calls the media out for being fake news.

    FUCK YOU ABC!!! Quit lying to the people!

  33. Rake the forest floors, drop an atomic bomb into the eye of the hurricane…

    I don't know if Trump had a genius idea for blizzards. 🙄

    Prayers to firefighters, homeowners and the animals!

  34. Wouldnt it be helpful to put times and days in descriptions?

  35. I bet you this is because my ex has been working with union workers in Maryland that help him obtain high direct energy laser drones for his army That is hidden at Adventure bound camp centers in 11 east coast states. That is why they want to destroy California first So they can attack the east coast!!!!!!They want to conquer the world!!! That is why when Dr. Emily Arnold help them discover how to manipulate the earths magnetic field they kept it secret so they can use it as a weapon of mass destruction I am telling you all They mastered weather war fare!!! you all better get ready for some more devastation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. How many of these fires started in homeless camps? Prayers for everyone. Whoever started the fire/s by carelessness knows who they are.

  37. This isn't God's work…this is MAN'S work..Revelation chapter 11 verse 18.

  38. How sad, the elite burning the people out of their homes.

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