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Sahi hai decisions – Kohli's use of his bowlers

Ajit Agarkar looks back at some of the right calls made in RCB’s win over KKR

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  1. So it proves that if players contribute well then the captain looks good. Thats the basic difference between MI AND RCB or any other team these days. MI always had good depth in batting and strong bowling. If I offend anyone I am sorry but this is the truth

  2. What Is This A Dream?

    These Guys Are Praising Virat 😱


    Power of King Kohli 👑❤️

  3. Are my ears listening everything wrong????

    From when did these commentators started praising kohli????

    ❤️❤️ Power of Kohli ❤️❤️

  4. I think virat kohli has forced Gautam Gambhir Bow Down and accept his so good captaincy in t20 format. ( as he said he has only problem with his captaincy in t20i format and he never had issue with his captaincy in odi and tests)

  5. 1)Make two chances bring Naraine in as a opener against Chennai in stead of Sakib and Naraine has a good record against dhoni and instead of Harbhajan bring on Venkatesh Iyer…
    1) Ferguson instead of Sakib And Karun Nair in place of Harbhajan

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