Sam Bankman-Fried will attend NYT summit virtually: Sources to Gasparino

Sources tell FOX Business’ Charlie Gasparino that FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried will be interviewed remotely in a Q&A style by reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin. #FOXBusiness

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  1. We are slaves in this clown world🤡

  2. The fact that he is still out there having a good time is so beyond me.

  3. He better have the best security in the world, because he’s probably going to end up like all of the Democrats bad ends. Epstein…Clinton associates…Ukraine…China slaves😢

  4. Why is this crook NOT in custody?

  5. Who is incharge of the arrest ?

  6. Lmao, this is crazy. IDK how our government is allowing this? They arrested Madof and others in a matter of hours/days. What is going on!?

  7. Umm ….they built a back door from ftx to alimeda ……. Stealing customer funds …. That is fraud

  8. It’s antisemitism to arrest him

  9. He is responsible for security and Investment fraud, Tax evasion, Money laundering on a big scale, bribery and he is still free and obviously hasnt been arrested or charged yet.

  10. This news anchor is a nitwit. Interrupting the expert guest with stupid punchlines.

  11. His tribe will protect him,they all in it together

  12. wow Apple is helping the CCP to take down the protesters in china .. im selling all my stocks in apple ..musk is letting us see who the real thiefs and crooks are all.

  13. Obviously he isn't gonna show up,in person, in NY. Because the moment he does, he'll be arrested on sight because he made democrats look guilty as hell. And we all know that the biggest crime is pissing off and bringing attention to career corrupt democrats…

  14. Virtually from his jail cell right???? If he is at that conference talking about finance………..We're in a fake US dollar fantasy drugged up land

  15. This thief should be in prison.

  16. I wonder if SBF will be found hogtied in Times Square in mid-December?

  17. Democrats are the party of scam artists and con men. This is much bigger than Enron and it's barely a blip in the "news" because it was the democrat money laundering entity.

  18. So will you talk about his dark money donations to the republican party.
    I like that no one on the right wing media is talking about how this loser gave money to Warren Davidson and Jim Jordan.