Friday , December 4 2020
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San Francisco 49ers pres. joins 'Mornings with Maria' ahead of Super Bowl LIV

San Francisco 49ers President Al Guido discusses the big business of the Super Bowl.

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  1. Super Bowl nonsense failed to amuse me year's ago…
    We be watching re-runs of Survived man.

  2. San Francisco use to be one of the most popular attraction in America.. but now😭

  3. Boycott the super bowl… TV ad was rejected but the drag queen ad was approved? MAKE A STATEMENT, for once in your life, MAKE A STATEMENT.


  5. Should the 49rs win they should NOT be invited to the White House! Rooting for Chiefs

  6. If San Francisco wins they can pass the trophy around San Francisco streets so people can pee and sh*t in it instead of on the streets themselves

  7. Go Chiefs. Beat Pelosi's Poo Dickers.

  8. Florida, Oklahoma, Tennessee are top food stamp red mismanaged…halftime handouts

  9. Mobile platforms are the future.

  10. JOE BIDEN:

    1. Has been trying to cut social security for 40 years

    2. Has been trying to cut Medicare and Medicaid for 40 years

    3. Has been trying to freeze veterans benefits for 40 years.

    4. Has tried to change the retirement age to 70.

    5. Denies all of this

    Please tell your older family members, who are this mans base, NOT to vote for CORRUPT JOE BIDEN.

  11. You couldn't pay me to come back
    And a lot more just like me
    So go ahead and kneel
    Keep bleeding viewers

  12. Are you going to have the Chiefs organization on Maria? huh? Go KC! Chiefs!!!!

  13. At this point, the Republican party should change their party name to National Trumpism Party. For they do not give a fu*k about our rule of law, our constitution, our democracy and our republic.

  14. I watch for the commercials,…
    Oh, the days of Doritos, Budweiser frogs, and clydesdales, no 77 genders, and political correctness…

  15. Big business of super bowl.

  16. Sad, DISH and FOX blocking the Superbowl.

  17. San Francisco is full of 💩 literally just walk down the street

  18. Kool..Now let them play FOOTBALL

  19. The country is falling apart Literally, but we stay so consumed with entertaining when we wake up THE COUNTRY IS GONE

  20. Maria is the best! Genuine, honest. A true credit to the human race!

  21. hope we don't see any players take a knee or any black fists in the air during the National Anthem.

  22. Man made open borders who Corona virus outbreak since impeach fail try to take down Trump economy won't work either Barry

  23. Not fanatics, it’s faithful

  24. 20 years ago, a nail biter game came along in the Super Bowl every once in a while. Nowadays Every year it's the game of the century. Coincidence? I think not!

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