Thursday , September 16 2021
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Sandra Smith reacts to athletes making political statements at Olympics

Fox News’ Sandra Smith discusses athletes making political statements at the Olympics and also provides insight into inflation.

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  1. It's just a bunch of rich spoiled kids that don't even know what they are protesting

  2. Is she Sheppard Smith's daughter, I didn't know she was but you could tell that's the one that called the state of Arizona with 24% of the vote reported, in a counted loss of 10,471 that was a guess guided by the deep state or Chris daddy's boy, or lame ads Paul Ryan ,Donna Brazil, all the other never trumpers they are in bed with the rest, the cartel is called C-NET.

  3. If Athletes want to protest do it some place else. I won't be watching or supporting any of it. It's worse than Hollywood. Self centered arrogance and ignorance. Your not that important.

  4. I don't watch sports anymore because I don't approve of petulant behavior

  5. How are any companies going to survive Biden administration?
    Increasing wages but allowing theft will not only explode inflation those businesses will not be able to survive.

  6. Send us all the money in the world… won’t help. inflation makes everything cost more and we can afford less

  7. If these people want to make a political statement they should run for office and get elected. It's a sad thing that hollywood and the sports arena has become a place for politics. I will no longer view movies or watch or attend sports events. I am voting against st them with my wallet!

  8. Here we go again saying F the Olympics this year and all sports for protesting against fans rights to enjoy just sports without all the whining!



  9. Between the radical left and the Democrats, they are going to sink this country. The red states need to jump ship before they’re bled dry and declare secession.

  10. So glad the anti American Women’s soccer team lost. Should never have been allowed to participate in the Olympics

  11. Lots of great athletes,
    but so many Marxist anti-American athletes have poisoned the water.

  12. I've been so oppressed even though my country has paid for my training and travel and my opportunity to do what I love. Poor me.

    But I'm not Entitled tho.

  13. BL$$$$$$. Is only about $$$$$$$.

  14. 626,172 deaths 35,213,594 covid cases, 1000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after his WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown.

  15. I wil never watch pro sports Olympics ever again. I predict the lowest Olympic ratings of all time

  16. What ever happened to just playing your sport and being grateful for the opportunity to compete in an international event? Some athletes are taking themselves far too seriously and fail to see the bigger picture.

  17. They can say what they want. You are under No Obligation to air it on your Show! She's correct, put the Positive on. The MSM will have PLENTY of activist coverage. Thank You Sandra

  18. I think those athletes are a disgrace to this country and I'm embarrassed that they represent us can you imagine what other countries are thinking about United States right now and they see that crap

  19. They should be flown home and the team should be dissolved…that will fix it!

  20. Screw the Olympics, America should just abolish all the sports competitors because of the few bad apples, no one but fools are watching them

  21. Sandra is a hypocrite.

  22. Never like her, she was really bad during the election 2020.

  23. GOOOOOOOO TIGERS! If nothing is going to be done about these anti-American athletes, I agree with Sandra—focus on the great athletes.

  24. Maskoffweb, send me 2BTC hack transfer today

  25. Maskoffweb send me 2BTC hack transfer today

  26. The few always ruin it for those who care and they have ruined sports for me and I won't be supporting any sport anymore.

  27. After spewing lies and misinformation about vaccines for many months, Faux News agitators and Trump GOP whores have started loving them, obviously on cue! It’s highly likely that thousands of GOP supporters have either died or become sick after believing their lies! They accept no responsibility for “killing” their own supporters!

  28. Any one who turns their back or kneels to put great flag don't deserve to represent or wear the red, white ,and blue take these people and send them to China or North Korea for about a month and they would be crying and begging to comeback to the good ol USA

  29. The only people who are falling for the cash are those who don't buy anything to begin with. They're already depending on someone else. And those that DO shop for their families, are seeing that this cash doesn't last long.

  30. Screw the Soccer Team. Will not donate money ever again. Don't care at all.

  31. Fox News makes political statements by the hour and sometimes give us news. Athletes sometimes make political statements and are athletes. Fox Newsians are propagandists.

  32. Those who make political statements at the Olympics should be kicked off the team. They are there to represent the United States. If you hate Americans that much then don't go to the Olympics to represent Americans. Go to the country you want to live in and leave the US. There is a place and time and the Olympics is not the place.

  33. These athletes are not representing America, They are supporting the globalist agenda. To the ones who honer our country and flag. GOD BLESS. The rest can leave, I'll hold the door.

  34. Glad the US Woman's team lost to Sweden. Sweden stands for their flag and anthem. Disgusting.

  35. World, National Sports or the Olympics are no place for personal political statements.

  36. Idiots representing the US only to kneel.
    ,,I,, represent Africa or LGBTQistan

  37. I am waiting for a TRUE AMERICAN to punch the lights out of someone disrespecting MY country… C'mon man, there has to be another athlete that feels the same as ME!

  38. Any athletes that disrespect there position and the American Flag, well I won't support them at all.

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