Sandra Smith: This is at the cost of the American consumer

‘America Reports’ co-host Sandra Smith dissects the cost of college education, President Biden’s war on fossil fuels and record-high inflation on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. All thanks to Maskoffaid on YouTube I just got $7,000 from my flip cash thanks you

  2. All thanks to Maskoffaid on YouTube I just got $7,000 from my flip cash thanks you


  4. If companies are not coving and offering different products to market segments, they are limiting and reducing thier target market… go woke , go broke. Seems like used products prices will increase, to cover the missing segments…….

  5. So study Engineering, math, & science in college. You'll be making $150,000 the day you graduate. Yeah it's hard. Good things are always hard.

  6. 1. We’re talking past each other.
    2. Traditional Conservatives prioritize individual freedoms & limited government.
    3. Woke Leftists prioritize controlling people & unlimited government.
    4. Stop evaluating the actions of Woke Leftists as though we all share the same common objectives, visions & values.
    5. Traditional Conservatives want to preserve the greatness that America already is.
    6. Woke Leftists want to deconstruct America to create a Communist utopia that America never was.
    7. And with God’s favor, never will be.

  7. this bimbo still works for Fox? I see they shifted her to Fox Business. I truly hope her and her family got fully boosted…………..

  8. Consumer? Just want to survive…as they double all prices.

  9. The REAL TRUTH is the consumer will not do anything about inflation other than comment. If the inflated economy CONTINUES OVER MUCH MORE THAN A YEAR—then they may react. Americans who vote and WORK WILL REBEL AFTER THIS TIME. Voters who are Dems will desperately want to cling onto any hope given them by the party. Currently Biden is playing with the House GOP TO PROVIDE THIS GLIMMER. The results will be inconclusive. Voting s done along party lines and will deviate only in a disaster.

  10. Does anybody remember Denis Leary's
    On the movie
    Sylvester Stallone Wesley Snipes
    I believe it was demolition Man
    I want my choices
    I want my steak
    I want my tobacco
    Right or wrong it should be the individual's choice I want my Whirlpool
    I want my Chevrolet Silverado
    I want to be able to go into a store and buy American made USA keep the money in our own country
    I want our children learning how to play outside again and discovering nature
    I wanted to be okay for a kid to get a skinny but gained so much more is self confidence being able to climb that tree and come down being able to get on that swing being able to go on that Merry-Go-Round being able to experience what it is to be a kid and get out of the glass box meaning tik Tok that is so obscene
    We need to take back our children from
    China our children to long had been
    AI. (Tic TOC) experiment guinea pig's American children deserve better
    How many people want their fentanyl . No no no no no
    Absolutely no drugs from China
    God Bless America God bless Fox News Network

  11. No seniors are the one getting hurt the most

  12. The ability to climb the ladder is directly related to HARD WORK!!

  13. More boomers will be history over the next decade.

    That's what the world needs….BRICS is coming with gold backed currency

  14. There is nothing to "transition" to. It does not yet exist! smh

  15. No one talks about the damage the extra weight of the electric vehicles will do to our roads. You think that they are bad now? just wait!
    Check out the damage the electric busses did to the streets in Indianapolis, Indiana. 🤦‍♀️

  16. My 🐈 cat wore out an electric car in in hour.

  17. I have a broken electric cars all over

  18. Horrible Biden division delusionali administration

  19. at this point, anyone who votes for Biden in 2024 needs an evaluation as much as he does

  20. Trade working companies are looking for people, you can make more working with hands than going to college 😮

  21. I will forever be indebted to you you've changed my whole life continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you've saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment, thanks s0
    much Mrs. Sophia from Canada Toronto

  22. Global depression. Look at the riots in Germany , France and UK etc. They can’t afford to eat or heat their homes. BRICS takes control. The petrodollar is being dumped. 🇺🇸💵💰is the new 🧻🧻🧻. Worthless and no longer the base currency. Too much debt. America is going down. 💰💵💸😡😱🥵

  23. Fuel is a gift from above.

  24. Every individual in the Biden administration needs to learn about MATH. The scientists that have learned about Quarks, Black Holes, Gravity, etc, etc, figured out our existence with what is it, repeat to me, it's called the MATH.

  25. Bumbles the White House Boob and his woke circus steam rolls America into the stone age!

  26. Why does the liberal media play softball with Biden misinformation, even outright lies, without genuine journalistic cross questioning. Glad to see Fox beginning to report on it. Now need to challenge the unabated Biden misinformation.

  27. Love Sandra ❤️ Great show Larry

  28. Republicans love Big Oil.

  29. The fake weak ex-president needs to be locked up for his crimes against America along with the traitors, dirtbags, losers, and brainwashed morons that attacked our country on January 6, 2021.

  30. Totalitarians like Biden and his henchmen hate freedom. They want to control everything and everyone. No difference between Biden and Putin or Xe.

  31. I’m not happy with the federal government forcing themselves into my home and what I can and cannot do in my own castle. Stay the hell out of my home. The government has no business forcing themselves into every aspect of my life. It’s making me very unhappy and I have the right to life, liberty and happiness. I don’t want your gimmick products. An EV will not work for me running my ranch. It cannot do what my gasoline or diesel truck can do. Can it haul a loaded trailer 500 miles? No. It won’t haul it 100 miles.

  32. Run from governments of all types. We are now seeing second hand EVs now – worthless because the batteries wear out and cost thousands to renew. This tyranny will not last.

  33. Four year Harvard tuition was less than $5,000 in 1975. I paid it off easily

  34. I removed the shower head, it shoots out in a column of hot water, after 30 minutes I use more than 100 gallons. California has excess of water

  35. What the green people aren't telling you is you could pay anywhere from 5 to 20 thousand dollars when you need to buy a new electric battery for your car and you just can't walk in an auto part store and buy one.and it will cost a few thousand to have it installed..keep voting democrat you idiots

  36. In practice we are more and more a communist nation and communism always means poverty, scarcity, loss of free speech, and so many other features prevalent today in the US.

  37. College is not worth it anymore.

  38. she's not worth watching for any reason.

  39. I lived in a house with all Electric heat stove, hot water tank the house was always freezing. There was never enough hot water. I could not afford it that’s 20 years ago. It was so expensive I had to move.

  40. America this is what it looks like in a Marxist form of government.

  41. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of HAPPINESS.

  42. The thing is everything Joe Biden says is not believed.

  43. Haha, propagandists at Fox pretending to care about consumers, how rich. 😂😂😂

  44. Oil we use for energy to power our vehicles and engines that produce our electicity is not fossil fuel. It was created by God for the man he also created!!!!

  45. Every liberal policy is that way they can't stand individualism or free markets

  46. Beautiful preaching Ms Sandra…you are amazing 😍