Santa Fe DA Says Alec Baldwin Could Face Charges In 'Rust' Shooting

According to Santa Fe’s district attorney, actor Alec Baldwin could be charged in the shooting on the “Rust” movie set that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins last October. NBC News’ Miguel Almaguer has the details.

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  1. Expert attorney on the law of self-defense Andrew Branca explains in plain English why Baldwin will likely face a charge of involuntary manslaughter:

  2. He's so full of crap. That softballed interview made me wanna puke.

  3. He did NOT intentionally shoot that lady. The gun was NOT supposed to be loaded with real bullets. He was counting on someone else to do their job. They didn’t. Perhaps they should be under indictment. Come on people.

  4. Alec "MR SPOTLIGHT' Baldwin.
    Smile for the camera's.

  5. Yeah! You ALWAYS treat a gun like it’s loaded even if it’s not. What the heck was he shooting at? He had training beforehand and it’s rule number one. Even if he thought it wasn’t loaded I’d doubt he’d put it to his head and shoot , so what was he shooting at?

  6. What an ignorant district attorney. Should be spending time going after the person who brought live ammo onto a film set, not basking in the limelight of prosecuting those who were wholly unaware of the live ammo. It's a movie with guns! Triggers are supposed to be pulled! Actors act. They usually don't know squat about guns. The only guilty party is the moron who handed an actor a gun with live rounds in it! This isn't brain surgery here!

  7. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you Baldwin… he took paparazzis for granted

  8. You think Baldwin is a tough guy now, wait until a sting in the slammer.

  9. Don't worry Aleck the prisoners will love you.

  10. Justice for Halyna Hutchins 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. Baldwin could face a life of leisure… 😴

  12. It's the armoror that is responsible for the safety and making sure there is never live ammo on a set, handing off guns to actors and retrieving after the shot is over…..
    I think Baldwin could be guilty of hiring someone unqualified for the job though.

    Nobody will miss a blow hard Baldwin.

  14. Does not matter.

    Biden will just Pardon him.👎

  15. Gun safety applies always. Hollywood isn’t in some special bubble that exists outside of the rest of the world. He pulled the trigger, he didn’t check if the gun was safe. You never take someone’s word for a clear gun, expert or not.

  16. Baldwin, Halls and Reed .but..Baldwin pulled the trigger ..end of story.

  17. This was a terrible sccident period.

  18. I hope not – we need him to play Donald trump 2.0

  19. He killed someone, he sould pay the price.

  20. It'll only get worst before it gets better.

  21. And he would have had to pull the trigger for it to go off just pulling the hammer back and releasing it won’t have enough force to set a bullet off

  22. I hope he is his negligence cost an innocent person her life

  23. oh no who's gonna play trump on snl after this

  24. Forgot all about this sh*t

  25. I think he was set up, probably by someone who didn't care for his imitations of Mr. Trump.

  26. I like how they say “well-known”. That’s about right 😂

  27. I think. He was setup I don't believe he done it

  28. Could should be replaced with WILL be 🤡

  29. ..its troubling how a live round got in the gun…