Thursday , January 27 2022
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Sarah Sanders jumps onboard Fox News | USA TODAY

Sarah Sanders is ‘proud’ to become the newest Fox News contributor.
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Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders will join Fox News as a contributor.

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  1. or she got put there to keep fox inline about what they report

  2. Fox will keep her around until she is no longer useful to them, has anyone seen or hear from Sarah Palin lately? Just another useful idiot to entertain the weak minded Fox viewers.

  3. So does this mean you people think CNN is actually less biased than Fox? Just curious.

  4. Just adding another person who lies without shame.

  5. Sarah rocks, you haters couldnt accomplish half of the things Sarah has accomplished. She was smarter and quicker than the lame liberal reporters who were constantly trying to set her up.

  6. Finally a job she's qualified for!

  7. Maybe Joe Walsh and Sean Duffy can get jobs there too.

  8. In other news, cnn hires a bunch of treasonous traitors the latest of which being McCabe.

  9. How can FOX trust her? With one exception, she will lie for them. But can she keep the lies straight.

  10. How many more know nothing dumb ass liars has Fox got room for?

  11. Thank God the fat disgusting cow is back in the spotlight

  12. i thought she was going to the private sector what happend . i like her and she went to fox rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .

  13. So now she's going to lie on fox 💩

  14. You should watch the Bombshell trailer. 🤭

  15. I guess there was one place this disgusting liar could find a job

  16. That's because nobody else would hire her.

  17. PERFECT! A pathological liar joins Faux News

  18. She likes to win so she went to the #1 news network. CNN or MSLSD are beneath her. Duh

  19. What more BS??😟 The world is watching and laughing..

  20. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…..the dragon from the deep re-emerges.🙄

  21. Fox is where trumps going after we fire his fat ass in 2020….
    Dump donald 2020….

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