Tuesday , November 24 2020
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'Saturday Night Live' shows Giuliani as 'Joker' | USA TODAY

‘SNL’ mixes movies and politics with ‘Joker’ Giuliani, ‘Ferris Bueller’

Matthew Broderick makes a surprise appearance as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in this week’s “Saturday Night Live.”

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  1. My recipe for homeade cheesecake- sour cream, cream chesses, a bit flour on a Graham cracker crust. Add like any flavor vanilla, banana extract you want. If Christ is wine and bread I am A martini and cheesecake, dirty, vodka. A liberal soul will be made fat 11:25. A bitter herb is better than being roasted for obesity, though the Bible says excercise doesn't do much, somewhere🙄. Eunuch brook.

  2. snl use to be funny back in the late 90's and some in the 80's

  3. “Just killed on Hannity!” Lol ok outta context thats funny but overall context is mockery

  4. When political satire gives way to butthurt liberal ignorance, SNL

  5. More like Democrat Night Live, one more example of something they screw up.

  6. Stick your politics up your foondido.

  7. Did you see that? That evil white supremacist bigot threw up the "OK" hand sign! Destroy her life now!

  8. The weirdo Kate McKinnon and the rest of that horrid cast has ruined SNL mabey forever….they have went overboard with the TDS

  9. Democrats are so out of touch, all of the late night comedy propaganda is more annoying than funny.

  10. She was throwing the racist " okay " symbol . Should be banned.

  11. That joker took down the NY mob and more.

  12. USA Today bans clown emojis yet support black faced Canadian presidents.

  13. USA Today, it's hacks like you and your TDS that doomed Venezuela

  14. Very clever to have a Communist news channel, with the letters U S A in it, almost makes it believable…

  15. I remember when all these magafags would laugh at people who got offended by comedy. Now the jokes on them and all they can do is whine and complain and commit terrorism.

  16. I thought that show got canceled in the 90's..?

  17. Todd Phillips the director of the new Joker movie said he left comedy because the left has ruined it…

  18. I miss when SNL had more than just a recap of weekly politics

  19. Was SNL ever funny? I can't remember…

  20. A channel tells me a channel made a joke a about a politician who appeared on another channel. Degradation at its best.

  21. Can USA Today just show the cold open? It's annoying when you add the text commentary and music

  22. You guys know that the Joker is basically a folk hero at this point right? I don't think you people really understand exactly how fucked you are

  23. Jerry Nadler is the real joker literally

  24. That shit show is on the air?

  25. The Mayor that actually cleaned up NYC so SNL crew does not get beat up or ass raped on the way to their show. LOL now NY is infected with a different kind of criminal. Democrats.

  26. Another progressive circle jerk. Gotta love the prissy whiteness.

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