Saturday , November 28 2020
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Saudi oil attack details released

The National Council of Resistance of Iran Rep’s office holds a news conference sharing details about the Iranian Regime attack on Saudi oil installations.

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  1. This guy is telling the int'l community to respond in kind to Iran, but yet, they did NOTHING!….. and Saudi Arabia is well armed..

  2. what was their purpose for attacking the oil facilities?

  3. where did these folks get all these details?

  4. MEK is a terrorist group. you are broadcasting for a terrorist group fox.
    shame on you

  5. Iran is not dumb to attack in the middle of the sanctions they didn’t do this

  6. Japan related satalite footage prooving it came from Yemen

  7. Yemeni rebels took responsibility not Iran..just becuase weapons are from Iran doesn’t mean it’s Iran..japan also denied their tanker was attacked by Iran when USA blue Iran then also.

  8. NCRI is absolutely right. As a Senior Iran Air Force officer, I confirm that Iran IRGC attacked to Saudi oil industry and as usual denies. That's the Iranian terrorist regime behavior last 40 years. Also Iran IRGC In foreign soil, like Yemen, dressed as Hotties uniforms in order to not to get recognized.

  9. Iranian Regime accomplishments in 40 years: 8 years war with Iraq, 6 years war in Syria, 4 years war in Yemen. 450 Terror operation worldwide, 120,000 execution of political opponents

  10. Who would have thought fox platforms marxist terrorist group someday?

  11. MEK the terrorist organisation now … what a disgrace by US that desperate are you

  12. can you say deep state attack! i highly doubt it was iran, they couldnt of found a more battered woman to tell the story!

  13. They literally put up a PowerPoint about how bad Iran is but America still blind to it I guess it will take another Pearl Harbor to wake us up

  14. Who is going fighting for you go by yourself don’t tell as what are going to do

  15. To think that Obama gave in and gave these terrorist groups billions in cash . The blood is on Obama's hands. That will ultimately cost American lives.

  16. yes mek terrorists who assassinated six american officers in 1970s and backed storming us embassy in tehran and fought along saddam . what a reliable friend

  17. Iran sponsors terrorism around the world and should be stopped immediately, if they don't want war they should have regime change or they will be wiped out from the map.
    God bless the Iranian people 🙏

    Cheers from the USA🇺🇸

  18. MEK is and will always be a terrorist organization. Even when they change their name to The National Council of Resistance of Iran and put on a suit.

  19. I think we should be looking at whoever is the most obsessed with America overthrowing Iran. Is there a Muslim prophecy that requires being wiped out by the Western world? I can only think of one prophecy that needs the west to dismantle Iran (after overthrowing Afganistan, Iraq, and Syria first of course…)

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