Thursday , November 26 2020
Home / News / Saudi Prince warns Iran tension could lead to 'unimaginably' high oil prices

Saudi Prince warns Iran tension could lead to 'unimaginably' high oil prices

IHS Markit vice chairman Daniel Yergin discusses how tensions in the middle east will lead to energy instability and oil production in the US.

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  1. So should we Defend and risk American soldiers lives for a regime that attacked our Towers on 9/11,,,,😂😂😂smh🇺🇸👎👊DON'T THINK SO😂👎

  2. Saudi's suck, they are so weak with all that military equipment they bought from us 😂😂😂😂bunch of PUSSIES😂 i respect the houthis💯💪

  3. Tell these so called "prince's" can go to hell.

  4. Oil prices will rise in height we never seen in are life time sounds like Trump lol

  5. America sanctioned iran…..IRAN SANCTIONED THE WORLD!

  6. The houthis captured 2000 Saudi soldiers, Iran shot down U.S drone trespassing Iranian airspace, U.S moved its air force from Qatar to South Carolina…hmm 🤔

  7. S.A. and the u.s. has had a symbiotic relationship since bretton woods. Although we are essentially fossil fuels independent we still need S.A. as a partner. They have a tremendous stake in our markets. We abandon them they will do the same with their money. Then what?

  8. Definitely Yemenis will hit more targets in Saudi-Arabia especially Oil-industry in Saudi-Arabia is extremly in danger.
    USA must get independent of saudi oil-import sooner better.

  9. Another BS crap to attack Iran. General Wesley Clarke said back in 2003 that USA will invade Iran by hook or by crook. Don't people have memories left??? Must be all the crap the bought out MSM puts out there.

  10. That’s what Iran wants.

  11. 01 October 2019 Tuesday PM : if these UNITED STATES is so “Energy Independent” then why are Fuel prices been consistently and still very high?

    Scams Across America, Scams Across the Land I Love, United We Fall, United We Scam, SCAMS Across America <— sung too the tune of “Hands Across America”

  12. The Saudi Prince needs to realize we have thousands upon thousands of oil derricks here in the US and we don't have to rely on "unimaginably high oil prices" from Saudi Arabia. So, I guess they either come to the board and work with the US or keep their oil in tanks unsold and unused!

  13. Who said we have to buy Saudi oil

  14. The American administration needs to send more American human shields to the Middle East to protect Israel and Saudi Arabia… the two best democracies in the world.

  15. And who would benefit from high oil price? It would not be Iran because they can sell their oil, but Saudis can and they get richer and richer.

  16. Saudi Arabia has a massive defense budget why don't they fight their own wars, American blood should stay here. How much they have laughed at the west when they exit OPEC meetings having raised the price of oil thereby transferring wealth from the West to the East

  17. Extortion is such a dirty word!

  18. eat your oel. the terrorist kabala.

  19. Wait, they have proof that Iran did. If they do not have proof then Iran is innocent.

  20. Fully expected. "Milk for all it is worth" Another name for it too.

  21. Sanctions on Iran killing 180 million Iranians on Trump Zionist Racist watch. Go back to the JCPOA lift all sanctions and the world will know peace..

  22. AMERICA OWNS OIL: news at 11 America becomes greater again. TRUMP2020 and 2024 again 😉

  23. its expensive with US dollar its cheap with other means

  24. Saudi Arabia falls to Iran.
    Russia controls all world oil.
    China and Russia have unlimited access and economic control.
    The US falls.
    Or become globally cut off from markets and a global irrelevance.
    Nothing to do with the US?

  25. So you have less to sell. NO excuse to raise prices, GREED is what it is. Iran caused this mess, double the price you sell to them for.

  26. Produce 12 millions barrels per day consumed 20.5 per day something’s wrong (-8.5) are we ready ok we no need Saudi

  27. The Prince should take care of his prolbem.we America have our own trouble

  28. Unimaginably Saudi-Kings and princess will be f**kked in public by Yemeni-fighters.

  29. That's why it's so nice to be energy independent thank you mr. President 8 OC maybe you should listen to the good Prince

  30. Sounds like another sham. Whatever, I ride my bike or walk. My vehicle hasn't been on the road in 3 years. Haven't missed it a second. Have fun!

  31. We have sold and given them enough military equipment they need to take care of themselves. Iran wants a war and the Saudis want US to bail them out. Don't do it Prez!

  32. Yes do it do it
    Let the oil prices get higher

  33. That is how the Russia gonna make a real profit

  34. Putin and trump are freinds so the plan is war then 500$ oil

  35. Hard to imagine I was paying $3.19 for Regular two weeks ago and now the price is $3.65. Iran has been dangerously doing whatever the hell it wants since 1979. The USA and rest of the world better wake the f*ck up; Iran’s influence will increase global instability. I didn’t vote for you to sit on your hands President Trump; do something dammit.

  36. This guy is being lied to , by the time he realises the trend, there won't be anything to defend. Dragging iran into war will have saudi totally destroyed. Better make peace with Iran than making war. If yemen is frustrating you, what do you think iran will do to you 🤔 🤔 🤔

  37. Why can't we just not be allies with them ?

  38. forget middle east, we have our own oil

  39. The Royal prince can use his oil as a butt lubricant.


  41. Time to put the Middle East out of the oil business.

  42. Daniel Garbage says Iran did it. But wheres your proof you garbage liar?

  43. So What!! Who Freakin Cares. The USA does not use any foreign oil what so ever. They can rise their price all they want, we no longer import Oil from Saudi or anywhere else, Trump did that. It took the Deep State control away from them. The Deep State only needed to cause embargos or shoot up the Oil Fields to cause high oil prices all over the world, Not Any More. It is Over Deep State. Again the USA uses no Oil from Foreign Interests thats to TRUMP. Way to go Trump.
    Are you people starting to wake up Yet!!! Trump behind the scene plans and deals and Trade deals as well as his Tariffs have totally changed everything the Central Banks and Deep State used to control the world.
    WKAE the Freak Up!!

  44. Good thing we have our own oil now.

  45. If US is a net exporter, then what happens in Iran or Saudi Arabia shouldn't really have any bearing on domestic oil prices, right Mr. President? I know, maybe we have futures contracts which mess that up. What's the deal?

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