Friday , November 27 2020
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Schiff: Trump Asking China To Investigate Bidens 'Endangers Our Elections' | NBC News

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., responded to President Trump calling on Ukraine and China to investigate Vice President Biden and his son. He called the comments a “fundamental breach of the president’s oath of office.”
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Schiff: Trump Asking China To Investigate Bidens ‘Endangers Our Elections’ | NBC News


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  1. Clinton's are up to no good just like joe

  2. Joe Biden puppet hey Joe get your hand out of thair and you know what I meen

  3. Adam schiff… Totally unbias !

  4. You are interfering our affairs. Adam schiff, please leave us alone.

  5. Schiff is a performer, not a real member.

  6. The trouble with what the sickening Schiff is doing is that if he keeps telling a nuanced rhetorical lie to an audience that is gullible to begin with very soon it becomes truth. If that gullible audience happens to be the mainstream media then it becomes a screaming truth. And if it then enters the social media echo chamber it then becomes part of the conventional wisdom. The damage these together have done to the nation is unmeasurable.

    PABOTUS #BenedictDonald went from "I didn't do it," to "I'd do it again," to "Watch me do it" on Public TV. Once again, the complicit co-conspiring Republicans #ShatTheirPants

  8. Schiff is full of Schiff.

  9. Trump is now acting like a three-year-old By not being able to recognize that what he did was wrong because he turns right around and does the same thing again!

  10. This's Schiff face is a disgusting POSchiff

  11. ADAMSKI is straight out of the Shining but selling his soul ( and selling his own country )for a LADA ( used one) “ you’ll set em up and I will knock them back “

  12. Schiff: "I'm not gonna comment [because Volker provided no fodder]

  13. Schiff is scum! He is the one that needs to be under investigation!

  14. The president called him a low life. 🤣🤣🤣 Love Trump.

  15. Why haven't Pence pulled Frump aside and say that you're fired , we had enough of your BULLS..T.

  16. Our of 100 million sperm, we get Adam Schiff

  17. What do these people have to hide,if they've nothing wrong then why are they so afraid of being investigated.They investigated the President before and after the election(illegally)and they found no wrong doing.They are the guilty one's.And they are going to pay!

  18. So if you are a private citizen seeking office and you are in an opposing political party you cannot be investigated for malfeasance?

  19. Schiff is definitely correct. If this really happened there is no other recourse but to impeach. The constitution and rule of law comes first.

  20. Trump can't understand that, he has been too corrupt and too stupid for too long.

  21. If the bidens are innocent, whats the problem? Schiff lies, pelosi backs him up.
    If Trump is guilty, shut up and get on with it.

  22. Trump asks foreign country for help on the investigation of bribe criminal. How does this proper action being distorted as interfere with election campaign?

  23. Schiffheel is a filthy, lying Bolshevik j*e*w completely in league w/the communists in his party.

    Schiff is a enemy of the American people.

  24. I can't wait to vote Schiff and his balloon head out of office. This guy is the biggest liar on the planet. He can't even keep a straight face during this press conference. How can you guys believe a word this man says?

  25. Adam Schiff is a bad man Anthony, a very bad man, and if you put him in the cornfield it will be a good thing Anthony, a very good thing. Now son make the bad man Adam go away Anthony, make him pay for what he's done son, that's good Anthony, that's very good.

  26. this guy is so crooked he can't lay in bed straight

  27. How is a request for the Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden for potential crimes in the Ukraine interfering with elections?

  28. When will NBC investigate?????? "Adam Schiff + Standard Hotel" ( add the words 'Kidz' and/or 'Epstein' into your search and you will have plenty to begin with )

  29. We don't fall for these lies again..shifty schiff

  30. Come in Pencil Neck. The Chicoms know you're a feckless whimp.

  31. Trump fighting corruption is like a fish draining the pond.

  32. "The criminal behavior to which Trump has admitted is much more grave than anything alleged or unearthed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and much of what Mueller revealed was impeachable." — Fox News Analyst Judge Napolitano, October 3, 2019

  33. Sadly most Republicans aren't that patriotic

  34. Trump wants to stay in power at all costs. He will enlist any aid to do so. The Russians, the Ukrainians, the CHINESE for crying out loud. Trump is a traitor. WE DO NOT WANT "DICTATOR TRUMP." This is America, not the North Korea Trump admires so much. TRUMP, RESIGN. POMPEO, RESIGN. PENCE, RESIGN. BARR…GO TO JAIL THE REST OF YOUR TOADYING LIFE.

  35. You have to love this president. It's boxing. Put your hands down and stick your chin out so your opponent goes on the offense. You know the punches won't hurt but you also know his method of attack is going to leave him open for a devestating counter strike. Go ahead Shiff, walk in to it please

  36. I pray everyone that has been slandered by Trump sue him.

  37. Not only did Biden indict obama by saying call the president on this matter of withholding these funds basically saying Barack was on board. The people around him were supposedly convinced that this was all about loan guarantees

  38. That'll be a lot of trick or treat til Halloween. The great beautiful Pumpkin going ballistic 😆🤣😎

  39. It is perfectly within the scope of Trump's responsibility to ask for foreign governments' assistance in a corruption prove. Nobody is above the law (how many times have we not heard that from democrats?). And Hunter Biden is not above the law, and exempt, just because his daddy his running for president.

    Impeach and incarcerate the dotard NOW america 🇺🇸

  41. Meanwhile, Republicans: BUT HER EMAILS!

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