School bus crashes into a city bus, flips after running a stop sign #Shorts

A Ring camera caught the moment when a school bus and a city bus collided, injuring multiple people. There were no children on the school bus.

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  1. Since when dies a doorbell camera follow moving objects . Fake

  2. At least this news outlet acknowledged the fact the school bus driver ran a stop sign. Another news outlet covered the same story and stated "they were unaware how the accident was caused" lmao

  3. See what happens when two people bus do a stop sign

  4. I bet you that school bus driver got fired he ran the stop sign

  5. Bus driver going way to fast


  7. School bus clearly ran the stop sign

  8. That car at stop sign should have never been parked there


  10. Whos just chillin on their porch filming shit lmao

  11. That totally looked like a set up 😮😮 Wow😅

  12. Одному человеку доверить столько детей, это максимально не разумно. Потратьте своё время и отвезите его в школу, чем оплакивать до конца своей жизни.

  13. There's no kids on the bus is why he did it😂

  14. The way it looks in this video, the bus crashed into school bus………

  15. The real loser here is the person parked within 30 ft of a stop sign obstructing it. The city will 100% sue them for damages.

  16. Is everyone okay does anyone know ?


  18. Wow. Hope no kids were on it.

  19. Cant tell u HOW MANY TIMES ive slammed on breaks 2 prevent running into a school bus! They cut u off & expect that ur guna stop FOR them regardless. almost as bad as some 18wheelers! This is what happens when schools care more about jus getn drivers by any means rather than hiring qualified ppl for the job smh

  20. This is what happens when you privatize public services. The quality of service suffers, private company makes the money, taxpayer takes the risk and pays the settlements.

  21. 😳 omg
    I hope everyone is okay

  22. Bus drivers should be tested ALOT

  23. I ran a stop sign the other day. Felt guilty as hell because it was by a school. I see it everyday but that day my mind was somewhere else. Didn't run it today.

  24. Top 2 comments I see are stereotypes.

  25. Oh my god, are they fine?

  26. Any kids??????😢😢😢😢😢 poor driver and passengers of regular bus.

  27. School bus went rt through the stop sign

  28. Well that's one fired bus driver

  29. Yes, screen the drivers, but the real CANCER is some GREEDY CAPITALIST CUTTING CORNERS.
    REMOVE the CANCER at the TOP of the HUMAN FOOD CHAIN LADDER and HEAL. Or continue letting EVIL, like djt breed selfish, ignorant, greedy lunatics for insurrection and treason.

  30. I always notice how school bus drivers act like the laws don't apply to them. They need to start giving them tickets for their bad driving

  31. Is the school bus driver's name Otto Mann by any chance?

  32. school bus clearly ran a stop sign

  33. It a four way with 4 stop sign

  34. 😡🤬🤬 School bus drivers need to be screened much more carefully

  35. The school bus is at fault he or she had a stip sign 😮

  36. That's why I drop my kids off. It's a bunch of junkies driving them school buses!!!