School choice advocate sounds alarm over teachers’ union monopoly power

American Federation for Children senior fellow Valeria Gurr discusses Nevada’s teacher shortage on ‘Varney & Co.’ #foxbusiness #varney

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  1. The teachers unions are destroying our children's education, they indoctrinate our children with the most extreme and perverse ideology, and they despise parents. All of this and more is obvious. We need school choice!!!!!!

  2. I agreed with stuart. Luv u, bro.

    Say it and tell it at the politician face.

  3. When The Federal Government Gets Involved With Education You Are Heading For A Train Wreck 💯💯💯 Indoctrination

  4. Shut this "teachers union" down ASAP. Bunch of disgusting, perverted, creepy, mental defectives ..

  5. This shortage and failure is all because the teacher’s unions are prioritizing their financial interests over children’s needs.

  6. Liberal policies continue to erode the school system. And it's speeding up.

  7. Throw Randy out on her a**……

  8. Half of all pupils are performing below average!

  9. But, but, but "Dr." Jill is a strong advocate of the teachers unions.

  10. That should be telling the School Boards. That the whole school system is corrupt..

  11. It's time to defund all the public school boards in America.

  12. All unions protect their members, not their customers

  13. I will tell you why. From the several subjects that I am licensed to teach, I do not wish to teach in any Public District because the Unions are in alliance with the Woke-Progressive policies and it’s against a number of educators moral values to be engaged in politics while they hold a position as professors, principals or any position in a PD. It’s simply does not make sense for a number of educators to engage. Many are switching professions. This controversy will not stop by Magic. And to be honest teachers are getting payed so low in order to have to deal with this insanity as well. They are better off tutoring private one to one or being hired from an established company that has a platform that is focusing in providing knowledge and teach accordingly subjects that each one of these graduates in respective fields have expertise and they can assist students focusing in TEACHING MATERIAL. And that pays three times the salary of being in a Public District. It’s safe to mention that Private Schools are bind to follow state regulations where they are conducting Business as Educational Institutions for Profit. That means that it’s the State Policy that defines the curriculums and the way that courses are taking place as well as the way of their “operations” as well as new added courses that shouldn’t been taught in the schools.

  14. Every time a union forms it is because they know they are lazy and below par.

  15. Because these people come here they don't speak any English and they refused to teach their kids English at home to help them they want the US to support it

  16. U.S. children will be adversely affected by any and all non-English speakers in schools, impacting long-term economic, military, social and cultural viability of the entire country.

  17. She talks too much and has no solutions to the stalemate.

  18. We're sick of all the "teachers' unions", which is a BIG BULLY for POLITICIANS. It boils down to LESS SCHOOLS, LESS qualified teachers, POORER students' performances – IGNORANT citizens! MORE welfare, MORE food stamps recipients!

  19. Unions are for dangerous work. Not government people or teachers. COVID shows want teachers want

  20. Teacher's Union is the New Mafia!!

  21. Should have supported Trump

  22. Let's Stop saying ( I dont think ) We do " THINK "

  23. Since I live in this E' state?? It is state. Stop coming here-also tell your friends stay in your own country.

  24. I wouldn't send my dog to a public school today.

  25. Defund public indoctrination internment camps. All they are for is to raisetaxpaying sheep. $33 trillion, bot even they can pay back.