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Home / News / School district cancels Dr. Seuss celebration over 'racial undertones'

School district cancels Dr. Seuss celebration over 'racial undertones'

Patrice Onwuka of the Independent Women’s Forum calls the cancellation a ‘misfocus’ of priorities in education. #FoxBusiness

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  1. so public schools avoid reading Dr. Seuss but allow 50 shades of grey to be in the curriculum a few years later… mAkEs SeNse To mE

  2. They're not doing it to send a message. They are doing it to control thought.

  3. Racism & racial insensitivity = Petty Stuff.

  4. People who are "woke" should be canceled. The stupidity is beyond comprehension.

  5. Good anything to trigger these cuckservatives

  6. Biden is the grinch minus the transformation at the end. So in honor of Dr Seuss…,

    He does not does not have a brain, the left is left is totally insane
    I would not trust them with a goat, I would not trust them in a boat .
    I would not trust them in a house, I would not trust them with a mouse
    I would not trust them with a boxI would not trust them with a fox.
    I would not trust them here or there I would not trust them anywhere
    He does not does not have a brain, the left is left is totally insane

  7. When my daughter was 4 years old she read her 1st Dr. Seuss book. The cat in the hat. It was about reading what was fun. This is just going too far

  8. My father passed at 71 10 yrs ago. All he would say is “I’m glad I lived in the time I lived”. He meant for reasons like these.

  9. Dr sues characters aren’t even human are they? How are there race issues in Dr. Suess? WTF is wrong with these nuts?
    Black and brown people? Who says that? Brown?

  10. Just in case anyone is too lazy to verify news, Loudon county stated they are NOT banning Dr. Seuss. LCPS said in a statement that they would rather no longer emphasize the books, siting a study on racial undertones in Mr. Seuss's work.

    Nice correlation with "banning" and "cancelling" tho, keep muddying up the language so we can continue the anti "cancel culture" fanaticism.

  11. Omg wow glad my kids still having a dr Seuss day !

  12. bunch of idiots!!!! get a life and stop your cancel culture!!!

  13. School boards have always done screwy things. From school lunches, to hairstyles to toys or other fads. Tin pot dictators get a wee little bit of power and use it for silly things. For instance, remember when conservatives wanted to cancel proven science like evolution and climate change? Wanted to cancel Al Gore? Don't act like this is something new. Remember when conservatives led by Tipper Gore wanted to cancel Twisted Sister and AC/DC and other glam metal acts? If you want your kids to read Dr Seuss, buy em some books.

  14. That cat in the hat uses his big hat to hide his white hood.

  15. I can’t believe y’all are so ignorant in the comments. They’re talking about his past and what he did back than. If you wanna know why they are doing it. Search Dr.Seuss racist books and black face. You can go on articles, videos, and even IMAGES. Omg do research y’all won’t take you so long 😐

  16. Oh oh y’all no what’s next right ? The Bible because it was used as the main catalyst in the enslavement of indigenous Americans

  17. Why does everything innocent have to be made racist???

  18. Lol fox News couldn't jump on this. Most if not all fox news reporters don't even know what irony means.

  19. Time to cancel the school system!

  20. Sure. The infidelity to a wife suffering cancer was just natural to the left, but when the accuser comes around to call it all a bit racist, not a peep to protect it.

  21. Well, I guess Michelle Obama is a Racist!!! Wait a Black person a Racist? Oh, tell me it ain't so. Only WHITE people are RACISTS? Right?

  22. At this point, if you send your kid to a state run indoctrination center then YOU are a shitty parent, and a shitty person

  23. Yeah, that's messed up. Personally I liked Dr. Seuss, but that's nor here nor their. But I'm surprised they didn't touch upon trump's 1776 National Commission on Patriotic Education.

  24. Why Dr suese? Didn't woke director's just do Lovecraft country??? Lovecraft is straight racist but that's okay…. double standard. Cancel culture is gonna dissolve itself when the cancel culturalists start canceling each other and no one remains. Once we are all canceled we will all be equal

  25. Schools shouldn't be considered a magic Portal to infinite knowledge, the entire time the child was at home the person that pooped out the child should be nurturing the child with knowledge instead of relying of baby sitters

  26. All they want to do is to cancel the America and to implement their unethical way!!!

  27. Dr. Seuss will have to get back with us & circle back around.

  28. I did't know that Dr seuss was racist. wow I guess you learn something new every day.

  29. ok schools… how about some math and reading and get off the morality head trip

  30. You fxn millenials are getting on my dmn nerves now. With your blsht "cancel culture" (lower case "c" because it's nonsense).


  32. There real goal is to get rid of the Bible .

  33. It’s funny how much damage the new president has done to the working class in America already . A democrat wouldn’t understand because they would like to do less and get paid more . All you hear is raising minimum wage to 15 dollars . The result will be inflation , prices on things will adjust to minimum wage so therefore your not getting anything better . In other words you raise minimum wage everything adjust to keep you in your spot period . You want things with life it’s hard and usually the roughest journey so don’t let democratic ideals make you more of an uneducated dummy .

  34. Star belly sneetches… teaches about racism.

  35. Some of my favorites Pity 🙁

  36. This is what Fox News is focused on. Dr Seuss. No more relevant in children’s learning than the Mother Goosery forced upon us as kids

  37. Black and brown students? I am a principal in a rural poor, predominantly white school system and our “white” kids are not miraculously further along than our black and brown kids. Our kids ! All of them are suffering educationally, socially and emotionally. I see much more difference based more on socio economic differences than I do based on color. I agree with the lady being interviewed. Let’s focus on the kids and less on political agendas. Yes , racism is real and some of our history is atrocious but instead of trying to erase it, what about having real educational conversations with our students!

  38. This is no joke..THIS is 1930’s Germany

  39. It will stop with people stop being evil to others for what they look like.

  40. I have never read a Dr. Seuss BOOK and said "Yeah, I'm black and I feel that's is racist." Lol

  41. Oh ya, because reading as a kid the first thing that came to mind was how the books were filled racial undertones!
    This is a figment of the Lefts imagination THEY EMBODY HATRED AND THEY M7ST BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS. This cannot continue to go on. Trump suppirters are not the problem, racism is not the problem.THEIR IMAGINATION THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

  42. These woke poeple have green eggs and ham for brains.

  43. People who look like everyone were at some point owned by others.

  44. No one:
    A racist book exists.
    Fox News: It’s a great book!

  45. EAT DOG EXCREMENT CANCEL CULTURE!! People behind this or in favor of this or worried about this, SHOULD DIE, DIE , DIE. I pray you all experience massive tragedy and hardship in your life, and that your entire family for generations to come will have nothing but despair, and grief for eternity!!

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