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Schools navigate new challenges as pediatric COVID-19 cases surge

Plus, some experts are split over whether booster shots are necessary.

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  1. Your first 2 Covid Booster shots are absolutely FREE and after that you will be charged the LOW LOW price of $2,500 per shot to stay alive … NOW BEAT THAT DEAL !!! 👍

  2. School should not be open

  3. Class action lawsuit filed against JNJ for a topical baby powder that causes cancer. Are people really dumb enough to be injected with something from that same company? Why are we so stupid?

  4. Let’s be clear – Big pharma, Fraudci, and mainstream media are SELFISH sociopaths for hiding safe effective early treatments from the people to get emergency approval for dangerous mrna vaccine for profit. Non vaxxed are NOT SELFISH and Natural immunity with out the vax is 27% better than vaxed folks. The vax which DOES NOT prevent transmission should not be a totalitarian mandate but rather an informed choice. My whole family and friends recovered using the demonized early dr prescribed protocols.

  5. They're still using the same fraudulant PCR tests to "diagnose" Covid.

  6. You mean because we opened up schools in the country and now they are passing the virus around.

  7. If you don't like it get vaccinated. Then don't call it a vaccine if it doesn't vaccinate.

  8. Conservative ideology is one of the main things holding humans and society back from reaching its full potential.

  9. Swab the mask after the children come in from wearing them on the playground. Are they covered in pathogens?

  10. I am hoping to get Moderna soon. Not wanting to rely on my J&J

  11. Put back Online Schools until every child gets vaccinated. Last time COVID-19 decline because we followed social distancing & stay home/children doing online school. Now, idiots decide to go out to rebel against the public social distancing, refuse to get vaccinated, and refuse to wear masks. it's coming back !!! The government failed to inspect covid-19 schools. it's not even sprayed or not even clean when kids got in.

  12. Just as school is kicking off? You mean because school is kicking off.

  13. We are too late… should've been vaccinated before the school year. The government failed policy…… it's just stupid to tell say COVID-19 is over. It feels like Spanish flu history.

  14. Exercise and eat healthy .. THATS ALL

  15. Selfish parents who refuse to have their children mask up in school, will end up killing children, teachers and cause schools to close down.

  16. Biden is a failure he has killed over 50,000 people because of his Covid response, or lack of it.

  17. Whatever happened to herd immunity they were always talking about

  18. Here is my thing if you want your kid or kids to be mask free and be a walking covid case home school and leave our kids alone we just need to go back to online school because these people don't care about our kids and their well-being it's sad 😢

  19. Surge in cases but no mention of deaths…. Just like getting sick from the flu.

  20. Oh well people from NYC that aren't vaccinated will take their money to long Island and other counties in newyork or neighbouring states.

  21. Stay away from junk food and wash your hands. Eating good and lots of water is the best advice. And give thanks for your food

  22. It's been said that being vaccinated does not stop you to pass the virus on. So vaccinated teacher can infect a child. Will infect, in fact.

  23. Why are Americans always eazy to make paranoid?

  24. It's a supernatural miracle!!
    I was cured of an incurable pancreatic cancer that had metastasized to the lymph nodes.
    I am Pastor Dae-Kyung Kim from Korea.
    I have dreadful pancreatic cancer.
    One day I suddenly collapsed at dawn
    I was taken to the hospital.
    The doctors told me to prepare for the funeral.
    That I can't live anymore.
    I was declared dead in vain.
    But God gave me
    He performed a miracle of healing.
    With an earnest request, I once again underwent an MRI scan, CT scan, spinal

  25. Seeing that other countries are still waiting for vaccines the US should send them our vaccines since alot of people here are not wanting to get vaccinated

  26. It's sad how some these parents just don't care,wear a mask folks if you or your kids are sick stay home don't put others at risk,stay safe🙏

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