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Schumer Gives First Speech As Senate Majority Leader: 'I Am Full Of Hope' | NBC News

Newly-minted Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer addresses the Senate for the first time since the inauguration of Vice President Kamala Harris and the swearing-in of Democratic Senators Alex Padilla, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.
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Schumer Gives First Speech As Senate Majority Leader: ‘I Am Full Of Hope’ | NBC News


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  1. This guy is full of crapola

  2. Come on Kentucky and South Carolina get rid of the dinosaurs.

  3. God bless America and God bless the people of the United States 🇱🇷🙏

  4. Chuck Schumer has never held a job.

  5. Feinstein looks very impressed !

  6. He's full of hope, so he's full of s**t

  7. That speech was very moving. Now get to work.

  8. Ted Cruz, Hawley didn’t learned the lesson, continued to be TRAITORS against America……

    These two Traitors must be expelled from congress.

  9. The status quo likes words that are non specific so they can continue the same destructive policies. Make real change for once please like health care. Our country is a sad state of greed and violence. Spending 57 percent of the budget on the military while neglecting the people.

  10. Moscow Mitch and Schumer is like DAY & NIGHT.
    CROOK. vs. Role model citizen.

  11. Just wondering if chuck had a twin? The video I have saved before it was removed shows the shooter of unarmed Ashli in the capital. It looks just like you, chuck😉this will undoubtedly be censored 😶

  12. That poet was Helen Keller,,, just kidding I luv president Harris

  13. Garbage im sad my father fought for this TRASH

  14. Scheming Schumer just looks downright evil and happily malevolent. May God have mercy on America.🙏

  15. Now put in laws that prevent Ex-President Orange Man from ever coming back as well as being accountable for trying to over throw the government to remain in office.

  16. Hooligans, terrorists….yup, sounds like unity to me!!

  17. the first majority leader of the first democratic(and their rinos)dictatorship under their fraudulent government of the broken united states of america………'is now full of hope'¿

  18. I am not affraid of the democrats. Really they can't screw the things up any worse than Trump did. Like Trump would say. No one can screw up any worse than him. Hi is the best screw up. The is the phd of screw ups.

  19. Democrats need to investigate and prosecute. Four Americans died in Benghazi and the GOP had a two year investigation that amounted to nothing. Time to return the favor but this time actually suspects are on the record on social media.

  20. God bless the USA…💙💙💙💙💙❤ 🇺🇸🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇲…

  21. Joe biden did never make changes any way

  22. THE STEAL IS REAL. biden and harris are Marxist and mcconell needs to retire now, he's done

  23. A lovely speech involving all xx

  24. Can we not talk partisan hatred on either side & focus on the fact that they are NOT sending the American people a single red cent? Not one. Maybe in March, but it’s doubtful.

  25. The first male Karen. Congrats. Couldn’t be more proud,…now go ask for the manager. 🥳

  26. Chuck needs to get over himself, he's not full of hope he's full of 💩.

  27. Now roadblock McConnell has been put in his place!

  28. NBC. no better place to find the true Corporate believers. What a load of bigoted pigs.

  29. Unity of the people, yes, but the price must be extracted from the ruling elites and their corporate masters.

  30. Our democracy is being undermined by Schumer and his cronies along with the McConnell gang – do not rely on these political parasites to resolve the issues affecting the nation.

  31. America and her Patriots chose DEMOCRACY rather than FACISIM !

  32. What's wrong with you Americans? Trump tries to overthrow the government, a conspiracy takes place, the Capitol has been attacked by terrorists, 5 dead, many injured and many are traumatized! And the perpetrator just gets on the plane and says "See you soon!" Haven't you forgotten something?

  33. Military in charge he has no power.

  34. It would be great if they would work with you but don’t ever think that they will do this willingly be prepared for a fight and don’t be afraid to override them

  35. Jesus is the only hope for all of us !

  36. Day 1 eliminated thousands of jobs, helping illegals. Day 2 delaying the stimulus until March, and it’s still early!

  37. So what happened to Mitch McConnell jajajaja 🤣 he should go to mar o lago jajajaja 🤣.

  38. He couldn't wait to throw identify politics in the mix 🥱

  39. So this a&&hole demanded ‘people get out and riot’ and it’s OK until it gets too close to home. Now the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE, along with McConnell, is speaking out his A$$ so riots already started in Portland and Seattle last night and will CONTINUE!! Some listened and NOW they got their way, STOP is his speech and they’re all saying ‘Screw you hypocrite, we’ve just started’!!

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