Scores Of Migrants Feared Drowned After Boat Sinks Off Syria

Syrian authorities say bodies and survivors have been pulled from the Mediterranean Sea after a boat carrying migrants from Lebanon toward Europe sank on Thursday.

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  1. هل الذين غرقوا سوريين او لبنانيين ؟
    اذا كانوا لبنانيين الله يرحمهم

  2. The key to this mute debate is that none of that property in Martha's Vinyard is yours. It's not yours. The disposition of those people's property is not yours or decide.
    So what if they have something you want. They have already told you that you can't have it. That's really what's galling you the fact that it's rightfully theirs and they are the righthtful owners they have the Title Deeds and you yearn and crave to just take things from people as a conquer. The motivation is illegitimate greed avarice envy and jealously of the fine upstanding orderly peaceful community of Martha's Vinyard..
    You are awful people and I retribution finds you all for creating all of this upheaval and mess in my country. Shame on you.
    This is the same as the Viet Nam War where Congress never declared war yet kept on sending troops over there to die. This is was of attrition merely to increase the body count.. The congress just wants attrition without accountability. Killing without blame or retribution. Killing without cost. Murder without responsibility or accountability.
    Killing for profit 📈. Killing killing killing. This has to do will killing large numbers of people in their beds.This is an intelligent operation by organized secret intelligence bands.
    Hiding the statistics behind this 'smoke screen". This is s very clever intelligence smoke screen. It keeps everyone looking the wrong way while hiding the true objectives. Killing people in their beds killing people in their hospital beds killing people in their beds in their own homes killing people in their motel rooms killing people in their nursing homes killing people in their beds at the rescue mission killing people in their beds homeless tents killing people in their save havens killing people in as they sleep. Killing people when they are helpless so as not to endanger the assassins. They people killed no longer have need of their Social Security Numbers. No longer have need of their clothing. No longer have need of their cars. No longer have need of their food stored on their homes. No longer have need of their shoes.No longer have need of their insurance policies No longer have need of the funds of their savings accounts and checking accounts No longer have need of their personal items and cosmetics their tools used to earn their livelihood killing for the sake of killing. Killing for the love of killing. This whole border business is a decoy and a smoke screen to give opportunity to all of the wickedness that I have exposed above.

    You must put a stop to it. It is a secret intelligence operation of continuous unjust enrichment and continuing criminal enterprise. Tens of thousands of people are being murdered in their beds for no other than that they exist and that they are in the way of these incorrigible intelligence groups.
    This has been happening for a long time and no interdiction from the government or the military ever materializes because it is classified military secret. The public is not allowed to know and the media never mentions it. But nevertheless it is all true global crime global mass Slaughter global mass killings during peace time. The media only throws up a smoke screen to misdirect attention and keep the murderous operations going smoothly and undetected.
    And those of us who expose these dastardly are as often disregarded as a menace to society or at the very least kranks and crazies. We blow the Whistle. We blow the trumpet in Zion.
    Because God tells us to show my people the error of their ways.
    gospelgirl ✝️

  3. OIC meetings never dicuss the issue of their citizens fleeing their apartheid countries.

  4. لعن الله لي غرقهم
    اتركوا سوررين بحالن بقى
    يارب رحمتك ع بلدي سوريا

  5. Fly to Mexico, then walk across the U.S. border to claim asylum. The border is wide open, millions are crossing.

  6. No one told them to go out like this.”
    But it was as if I heard the university doctor who was studying her and asked her for a relationship because that would succeed with your material.
    And the doctor in the government hospital, when he asked me to take his medication from abroad, because it is not available…
    And the Minister of Electricity, when he said that he was improving and that the electricity became seven with a flash, he said, “Go out like this.”
    When your salary after years of work and study is 100 thousand and the gas jar is 32500 thousand, good people are begging you for such a trip
    When a missile falls on you and you get martyred, and your family remains without any support or income, it will make it live a decent life…. The right to reply and the charitable institutions that swear your name are telling your family to go out like this
    When you are a new graduate and you have dreams, you develop yourself, work, collect money, buy a house, and marry the one you love.
    And you see the one who has the authority to realize your dreams before it even breaks off… So the reality is that you are taking such a flight.
    When you are an employee and you have children, you want to feed them and your husband is missing or a martyr… Your honor is telling you to look like this.
    The children of the country who are gloating that you went out like this… they tell you to go out like this
    The hunger of your children… the illness of your loved ones… the loaf of bread that will not be eaten in the cold of winter…. Transportation traffic… Hummers… iPhone mobiles… Everything in the country is telling us to take such a trip.
    But there are people who have heard, and people who do not beg to hear, and people who do not have the ability or courage to implement what you have heard
    People are waiting for such a flight
    May God have mercy on every innocent who was killed in this country, whether living or dead
    And hopefully, our families can't bear our parting

  7. Next time just ask Ron to charter you a boat or plane.

  8. Meh. 🎉🎉😂😅😂🎉🎉🎉

  9. Well just remember what Kamala Harris said last year she told them do not come by boat and she repeated do not come by boat. May these victims rest in peace 🙏 just not worth the travel.

  10. Cross is ALWAYS dangerous.

  11. How about talking about the illegal immigrants that drown in the Rio Grande? This is a dismissive and divisive news agency. It's all propaganda.

  12. How awful. 💔💔💔💔💔😢😢😢💐