Friday , October 30 2020
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SCOTUS hears school choice case | USA TODAY

The Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Espinoza v. Montana, a case over state scholarship funds and the prohibition of use at parochial schools.

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  1. I went to private Catholic school for 12 years and I am completely against tax money subsidizing private education. Once the government starts getting involved in religion you might as well throw the Constitution out the window.

  2. We are kung fu family and I would like our schools to teach more of those skills to our kids but that’s never gonna happen!

  3. Teach your kid character? Lady that’s what you are supposed to do at home!

  4. Why should these so called Christians dictate for the rest of us they are NOT my majority

  5. First the pro-life movement, and then Rowe v Wade falls.

  6. What's this separation of church and state? Must be unconstitutional. hyuk

  7. Perhaps if you want your children to receive a quality education, you should elect legislators who will adequately fund your public education system. You know, rather than use federal funds for private schools which are primarily created to make a profit. Why do you think they charge so much for tuition? If you want your child to be educated in your religion, put them in Sunday School. That's what it's for, and then we won't be spending US taxpayer dollars promoting the religious education of any one religion. Since, you know, there's supposed to be a separation of church and state.

  8. They won’t stop until they destroy public education…one of the great achievements of this country. Before public education this country was overwhelmingly illiterate. Separation of Church and State is finished also.

  9. Noooooooope!
    It’s nice that you don’t "feel" but if you want my tax tax dollars to help you go to school you’re going to go to a school that’s gonna learn help you learn reality instead of some fictional bullshit from the Bible

  10. Espinoza, you could not be more incorrect in everything you said. You do not want them challenged you want them coddled and lied to about facts and how the universe works. You are clearly ignorant about what the founders thought about religion and how much they attempted to exclude it from the constitution. They actually excluded religion out of it so well the only time it is mentioned is to exclude it. That is how little you are able to comprehend because of your overwhelming ignorance and gullibility due to your religiosity.

  11. Oh if only these religious institutions had some superior being to help fund all their activities including their indoctrination education. Perhaps they’re broke from having to pay all those child sexual abuse lawsuits…

  12. As they STILL sit on Trump's taxes – suppose Trump wanted a favor though eh Cavanaugh?

  13. As long as they pay the extra taxes to cover the special bonds we voted for to make our school desirable!

  14. The slaves are forced to go to school to get indoctrinated and stripped of all creativity under the threat of jail. Then when you finally free yourself of that 12 year pointless burden they force you into a life of debt slavery.
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Quotes. None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

  15. You know that how is say that for many children that I want to be grown up just like that person right there but however it is for family for the children and for the schools and teachers to teach something about it did they have a positive is always that the world meets the robber tire and then it is perfect to keep straight going forward for the future but only time will tell by trying to happen next

  16. The liberals are destroying this nation.

  17. School choice is a very important thing, let the parents send their kids to the best schools and the crappy ones will lose their funding, most public schools are a joke because their controlled by teachers unions

  18. 💟‼️🥇❗️✝️🏳️‍🌈🌏🌍🌎💝Beautiful and More!‼️💚

  19. Unfortunately people keep electing public figures that may carry an inner agenda against Christianity….and look at school choice as a way to undermine mostly traditional catholic schools …….even. Though the. Record proves that catholic schools do a far better job in. Many instances on student education ……and at the. Same. Time if school vouchers ( by way of tax"-credits) were given…. the local governments would save billions in the long run ..since the education in the public schools cost tax- payers several times much more than in a qualified private schools……..making. It one of the biggest expenses in many localities-budget…..and at the. Same time failing to produce the desired results…..but then this public officials will have no reason to increase taxes for public school funding…..on the contrary ….they will always look to increase student enrollment one way or another. and if the enrollment numbers drop …it's. No problem ..they will just look to favor importing a student body from other countries…and "never allow the tax payers a school choice". ……it seems they are not interested in saving billions in tax payers monies…..or getting assistance from the. "Qualified schools"…..with a deal that would benefit everyone including the American tax payer……

  20. This will be the deathblow to the liberal "education" system.

  21. One more attack on the separation clause. Taxpayers should not have to pay for religious schools and that's what this is really about.

  22. As is usual, the media gets it all wrong. Follow the money. Where is this "public" money coming from? Nowhere! It's not public money. It's the money from private citizens. From – "in May 2015 that gave Montanans up to a $150 credit for donating to private scholarship organizations, helping students pay for their choice of private schools". Notice Montanans = private citizens, not private schools. They get a tax break. Who gets the contribution? The private schools.

    Now consider that, according to the IRS, you can contribute charitable donations, and get a tax benefit, to churches and other charities provided that those churches/charities follow the IRS rules like being non-profit (501c), etc. Provided that the private schools and/or scholarship organizations follow the IRS rules (non-profit, 501c) then I see no reason that this should not be allowed as the "public" money (money from the government's coffers) is going not to the private schools (the donation is going there) but to the Montanans/private citizens themselves. The way the media portrays this is totally misleading and only incites disagreement and argument through sensationalism. The solution is clear – if the people receiving the "public" money is not the religious school, and it's not, then there is no reason for this to be outlawed.

  23. If they pay tax dollars, then I well vote on their side if I was a supreme court judge. Benrie 2020

  24. It's the educational program in jr. high it's black history then in high school it's american history i say all races should come after america for it's those races that enrich the diversity of america so it should be american history jr high then high school any history

  25. Let's take government money out of school. I don't want my taxes to go to education.

  26. Teaching christianity is to teach treason and terrorism

  27. Tax the churches, let them pay for private religious schools…

  28. Libtards: public school teachers need to be paid more!
    Joe Average: yeah well my kid never heard of WWII or WWI or the Korean War…
    Libtards: you racist transphobe!

  29. The invisible wizard school is better.

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