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Sean Penn’s COVID-19 testing mission

ABC News’ Zohreen Shah speaks with actor and director Sean Penn about his off-screen efforts to increase coronavirus testing capacity and future vaccination sites.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Everything Penn does is about Sean Penn as much as he comes across as some sort of humanitarian. Watch 'The Day I Met El Chapo' Penn could have got everyone killed by his personal objective which he lied about to the others.

  2. O brother nose swabbing doesn't determine if you have a virus only blood testing do. You know how much germs and bacteria are in your nose
    Of course everybody's going to come out positive the only way is blood testing
    going through a parking lot that's not sterilized its going to pollute the test

  3. Penn set el Chapo up and tried to have Kate del Castillo face Jailtime, what a Rat

  4. Penn pushing the eugenics agenda!

  5. Thank you Sean Penn for caring and being a person of great empathy!

  6. Thank you Sean!!! America greatly appreciates it. It’s sad that you even had to do this in America. President Agent Orange is a Fn PIG!!! F him!!!

  7. It's (All LIEs) The PCR Test Numbers are FRAUD and CV19 has a 0.1386 Fatality Rate, 99.997% Survival Rate, Not Life-Threatening to 99.999% of young or healthy people (yet Republicans refuse to say a word about the ScanDemic LIEs)

  8. ….. .. ….. End  COVID-19 … Now.  
    Directory of  Doctors curing   thousands  of  outpatients … fast.

  9. It's so nice to see the different side of a celebrity who actually contributes and makes such a impact for good!!!

  10. meanwhile are you idiots done yet you know masking up just doubled your chances of infection you think your breath you exhale is pure and clean lmao god luck guinea pigs and labs rats all i trust my immune system without preventatives no vaccines since 2000 and ive been sick but always seem to recover omfg get me some experimental bleach good luck i refuse to be tested or to be saved by idiots who cant perform simple math

  11. Test ing w out tracking an isolation is useless

  12. This celebrity’s are stupid puppets !😎👎🏾😂😅🤣

  13. Sean Penn is an American hero . This man is underrated when it comes to helping ppl . I salute you Sean 👍🏾

  14. .. xx. …End  COVID-19 … Now.  
    Directory of  Doctors curing   thousands  of  outpatients … fast.

  15. He also known for been a damm rat 🐀

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  17. Control of main stream media is the fist part of this soft cudata the Democrats have launched against the AMERICAN PEOPLE !!

  18. Thank you so much for your service to COVID. Please more celebrities step up! You can b an answer to this distribution .

  19. Dear pen stick to being an actor I can’t ever take an actor serious lol after all they’re actors

  20. Amazing, good to see them reaching out to the public. 🕊🕊🕊

  21. If this Voter FRAUD "Scandal" is ignored we will be looking at Madam President Hillary Clinton in 4 years, The Author of it

  22. Pretty lady with a BIG LYING MOUTH!

  23. Sean, may think he’s helping but PCR testing is inaccurate and the vaccine is not safe! Never take it! RESEARCH THE GREAT RESET AND BILL GATES AND HIS DEPOPULATION PLAN!

  24. There is no test. PCR is not a diagnostic test., You people are fools.

  25. Reject this insanity. Covid is a lie.

    The guy recorded China prints the votes. Use medical material through Canada and Mexico to the US.

    The guy recorded China prints the votes. Use medical material through Canada and Mexico to the US.

  28. David g price is also driving around

  29. hahahahahahhaaha ya sean you get decide how we live all bow to the great idols of modernity

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