Saturday , July 31 2021
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Sean Spicer: Dems want uncertainty in the economy

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on President Trump’s calls for a big Federal Reserve interest rate cut, the state of the economy and the mounting controversy over Israel.

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  1. Why are we still seeing clips of Sean Spicer on YouTube? The man's job was to spin all of the Trump lies as truth while calling tyhe press the enemy. The man was let go in disgrace and replaced by a woman who blatantly lied to the press, and thus the American people on a daily basis.

  2. this msg. is to the squad. "all four of you are deeply disturbed"


  4. Someone please hit Tlaib with a shovel. Harder than the last one that hit her. Pelosi us fully guilty of encouraging this antiAmerican rhetoric.

  5. We are very disturbed! You want to go to the Sermon Mount and propagandize terrorism? No and get out of America if that is how you both feel. Go to Palestine and make it stop shooting missiles at Israel. You can make that country into anything you want, they share you idiology.

  6. they have that, and, like the energize bunny, keep it going …… true or false, make's no difference …… they want us down, and keep us down … even want to tell you whqt to think and what to believe ………… like UK ULTRA !!

  7. Democrats have always operated on the idea of… "keep voters nervous and always afraid"

  8. The President is a brilliant business man, the Feds should listen to the man so he can have enormous leverage over the China negotiations. President Trump has been studying this for decades and knows exactly what to do.

  9. Loony democrats pine for the day when America's economy will be floating in the crapper, just like it is in socialist paradise Venezuela.

  10. Wishing all of America to suffer because they lost the election and see little possibility of winning in 2020. The elite are simply beside themselves with hatred for Americas success.

  11. Trump is working on the economy rather than having it tank and then do something about it you stupid media

  12. Why Would A American Political Party? Put There Winning Or Losing A Election Bid For Office Spread Lies, "FEARS THAT" The American Economy Is Failing Or Becoming Weaker?.. Wall Street Like People!! Have Natural Fears! When They "HEAR FEEL THINK THAT MAYBE" Something Could Be Wrong Investors (Wall Street & Main Street Will Pull Their Money Out) Business Will Down Size Again? So On & So On Bread Lines!!.. This Kind Of Talk, Actions Hurts Every Americans Citizens Future, Livelihoods, Wealth, Jobs, Homes etc. Could Be Lost By False Statements And MSM News!! Could Panic And Hurt Not Only Wall Street But Business In America And The World's Economies..All So A Political Party Can Take Back The Presidency? Just How Low Can A Political Party Go…FOR POWER

  13. better to have uncertainty than religion with a sword.

  14. All Democrats ARE Deeply Disturbed!!!!!!

  15. Democrats are the enemy of America!

  16. The left will do and say anything to win.

  17. The left is trying to manufacture a recession in an attempt to endanger Trump's re-election. The left is devious and scummy!

  18. Ever notice that Dems; media (fake news) leftists seem to have added a new thing, "Prophecy"? That means what will happen, for to days college students. (Not there fault! Their leftist teachers) You will find real prophecy ONLY in the Bible. PTL

  19. Recent studies have shown that one in three Trump devotees are as brain-washed as the other two


  21. If you all think the economy is a giant issue you’re all STOOPID! It’s capitalism vs. socialism. Bottom line. And Trump knows but apparently you do not! STOOPID!

  22. Mulsim "Refugees" came to the Nations that took them in for Peace? Or to bring the War to that country?

  23. This economic crap is nuts. The FED should never use political pressure to influence policy. It’s such a rigged system. In 1972 the plumbers group did not need to invade the Democratic headquarters. Nixon would have won anyway. Now it’s pretty obvious DJT will win in 2020. Why try to juice the economy when things are going well? It’s like putting phentanol in the already spiked punch bowl.

  24. Omar and Rash are professional victim actors. They don't care about the people who elected them.

  25. I hope they get all of Epsteins customers. Even the bitter queen of America and her husband. How could they not know?

    They disabled comments . On the Epstein update video

  26. Omar should make plans to visit her homeland first and see how she can help improve it before she even take issues with Israel.

  27. The Democrats didn't start the trade war with China. The Democrats didn't vote the UK out of EU. The Democrats didn't pull out of NAFTA and the TPP. The Democrats didn't threaten the world with tariffs. But yes, it's their fault. Stick to stuttering Spicey, it's what you do best.

  28. I'm not disturbed at all.

  29. Maybe Rashid was going to blow herself up. Let her. Omar is lying about being banned from her country, there is no Palestine or leader thereof. Just a flag of rag-tag nomads who try to take over every country who lets them in and they get booted out. Tried it in Saudi, Turkey etc. Israel is the only one who didn't.

  30. 🙄 sean spicer, what could she POssiBLY have planned there– that would put fear in yours and/ OR the President's heart? when his weak… self? THAT was a lame train to try and jump a story off of ..😶
    she's probably afraid that those folks so scared that she's going to help get them to be a little bit more peaceful (you know how the evil is- against good🙄) She's probably afraid they're going to do something to her– or at least try

  31. Sean was good for onething being the butt of all joke when he was in the briefing room and SNL joke.

  32. It's amazing that in today's human existence, any idiot can go on a network and spue lies concerning how a group as a whole feels about anything. Ignorance runs rampant and a fool believes. why, because more people are to unbalanced and uneducated to decipher the overload of lies and deceit. Give your common sense a chance to keep the fools at bay.

  33. A good place to start is Government cuts all throughout there is most of Americas waste is in this huge waist in Government and downsizing government is better in many ways and it helps clean up the out of control corrupt DC swamp creatures

  34. Looks like he aged 30yrs 🤣

  35. You are missed sean splicer. Always good for a laugh during your press secretary briefings.

  36. Spicer is FOS!! Dems do NOT want uncertainty in the economy! This is total BS… Dems are for HELPING People and NOT for the Rich pricks who don't need it and have more money than they know what to do with!!

  37. The Dems don't want economically uncertainty they're just pointing out the reality

  38. They actually DID decide to let her in, as long as she didn't do divestment work. Then she changed her mind and went on attack again.

  39. I remember when Moscow Mitch and Republicans wanted Obama to fail and the economy to falter so he would not be re-elected to a second term. Funny how they now accuse Dems of the same thing.

  40. Is it just me, or does Ilhan Omar look like one of Jeff Dunham's puppets?

  41. Ya right like u never lied for to help trump before

  42. How the hell cares about Israel? They have never cared about us.

  43. Trump will make sure he keeps uncertainty in the economy.

  44. Dems want to crash the economy, basically because they are dumb and can never think things through fully. No one in country is ready for recession though, the economy just keeps growing & growing. Its not time for it yet. Investors not going to let it happen.

  45. What does it profit a man to own the whole world and suffer
    the loss of his soul
    the loss of his liberty
    the loss of his inner peace
    the loss of his humanity

  46. No us Dems don't want a worse economy. It will make it harder for me to find another job from the one I just lost due to the tax cuts!

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