Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Sean Spicer on the impact of Trump's economy in the 2020 election

Sean Spicer, Former White House Press Secretary, explains the impact current economic changes will have on the 2020 election.

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  1. The biggest enemy of America is the News Media CNN, and Fox News telling lies upon lies for years but their coming to a end. Their joining the NFL with no more Anti-American Football.

  2. I've been an ardent viewer and staunch supporter of Fox News Corps over the last twenty plus years. In my teens, as a Young Republican, I worked in President Nixon's campaigns and watched closely how the liberal progressives of the Fourth Estate successfully decapitated a seated president and nearly destroyed a party. I'm not condoning his actions, but would like to invite the American people to compare the media's overall handling of Bill and Hillary Clinton's numerous ? activities and not a peep from anyone concerning the obvious Obama Administration's oversight and direct treasonous involvement both before and following the election of Trump. We don't need any additional slanted or cockeyed commentary from an obviously unbalanced reporter.

  3. I thought that was funny . As long as they don’t feel it then that truth/statistics don’t matter. Then he moved on to say until it sinks in. So this means that people don’t stay informed and don’t watch a forecast and plan? Ohh man

  4. This country needs another president I want a women

  5. Hey FAKE NEWS FOX! Yes the importers are paying the import duty, BUT the China money
    has devaluated by the same percentage so the end price to the US consumer is the same. Are these commentators as dumb as bricks? Any way you look at it it is FAKE NEWS!.

  6. "Trump says China is paying the tariffs. They're not paying the tariffs; American importers are."
    – The first Fox News guy ever to have the balls to admit that.

  7. Movement in a couple of months is not a trend – 7 year graphs pkease

  8. Dude. Shut up and let your guest talk.

  9. Better watch out you guys!

  10. Whadda asking HIM for? He's just a Doorman without a job!

  11. But the problem is ! that peope do understund and we can withstand higher prices on chineese crap ! They bring in crap ! That America or other countries like eastern europien ince or africa or korwa Vietnam can make and trade same kind what are you saying ? China monopolized unnecessary from globalist goverments all kimd of manufacturing ! Why ???? Only they can make those products ??? No it was done on porpouse
    How about we give OTHER countries free market trade ?????? eastern europiens will make factories they are dieing. Nobody NEEDS CHINA NOBODY every country given a chance will start producing betwr a d just as cheep are you kidding? YOU UP THERE IN THE LAND OF PITICS AND TV THINK WE DOWN HERE STUPID ? this country can afgord to BUY A LITTLE LESS FOR A WHILE IT WIL BE GOOD FOR EVERYBODY.
    nobody. Not one body wil suffer if china sit the f…… down !!!!! andtakes a break !
    that horrific place of horror of abuse of every kind look at what they do to dogs ????????? and cats ?????? and they kbow thay these animals feel and think and suffer !!!! Enought with the f…….china !!!!! China is the worst the worst kind of evil the first tbe second is islam

  12. PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE GREATEST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY AND GREATEST WORLD LEADER IN EXISTENCE!!! It’s funny this is the first hiccup in 3 years and it’s only the past 2 days lol it’s nothing it’ll get back up easy !!!

  13. Russian fake collusion fails miserably, enter Leftist Recession strategy.

  14. This is what happens following Bilderberger, Bohemian Grove, or visits to foreign states by devils like Obama, John Kerry, etc.

  15. Spicer should remember he was caught hiding in the bushes on live television. Go back and hide, kid.

  16. Oh boy….Fox is just starting to try to turn the tables….'If you can take a vacation, you won't feel it.' Horseshit.

  17. This reeminds me of the 2008 crash. A bunch of talking heads holding on to the tiniest thread while everything is caving in around them. Rinse, repeat, rinse repeat, rinse repeat, rinse repeat………

  18. Fox needs to fire the lying criminal Donna Brazille. She is a slime ball and tells me just where Fox is heading.

  19. the spin doctor is back. tell your fox viewers the truth. china is NOT paying for the tariffs, WE are

  20. Lol two years of trump and your almost back to 2008 congrats !!!!

  21. Fox is Starting to spin this economic downturn.

  22. The main line news starts talking about how bad things are when a republican president comes up for reelection. Even if the economy is good. They start the doom and gloom. Who made China a giant? The Clinton's and the Obama's .

  23. We alway have a good laugh when he was in the briefing room he was a joke.

  24. Haha, where have you been after leaving the white house? US is not the only country growing soybean you knew that. Right?

  25. the investor elites pull their money out of the stock market before the crash, plant it into the zero risk bond market, and then when things are most bleak for the wage earners, start buying up their real estate for pennies on the dollar.

  26. only clicking on this video to write who cares what this lying creep has to say!

  27. Is nice to see spicer not hiding in the bushes anymore.

  28. We should get rid of the money standard now to get rid of all these freaking people trying to control the planet
    The ones that screw up everything screw over everybody just so they can add more zeros to their bank account

  29. No matter how much he sucks up, he is always gonna be known as Trump lackey & a big fat loser. SORRY !!!

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